QOTW 4 : What's your favorite concealer and why?


I think we all love concealers!! They cover everything, our dark under eye circles, our blemishes, any redness or dark spots we may have! I don't know about you, but when I'm in a hurry some concealer and a dusting of Elf Mineral Booster will do the trick for me, I won't bother with foundation!

My all time favorite concealer is Artdeco Camouflage Cream! They don't call it camouflage cream for nothing, it covers almost everything (redness, spots, blemishes) and it doesn't move!!! Even if you don't set it with powder, it doesn't move!! And I have oily skin!! I haven't tried using this under my eyes yet, because it's quite heavy and my under eye circles aren't that bad, but I'm tempted to try it!

For my under eye circles I use Elf Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (only the concealer part) on days when I don't wear foundation! It won't cover my circles completely, but it will make them less visible, without being cakey! If I wear foundation, then I don't use under eye concealer, as my Revlon Colorstay Foundation provides enough coverage!

So, what's your favorite concealer and why? If you have one for your face and one for your under eye circles, then mention both of them! ;)

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  1. My sister loves that ELF concealer! I dont have undereye circles but like using the ELF cover stick as a concealer on my other areas that need coverage, either that or a maybellene one I have.

  2. I like MAC Studio Finish for blemishes, and the NYX Concealer Wand in Light for under the eyes. The NYX one isn't as moisturising as I'd like, but it's pink tone is really good for undereye circles :)

  3. RMK Super basic liquid concealer. Despite this concealer being a bit on the yellow side, it's still my favourite of all of the ones I own (and I have a few!). I use it on my undereyes and stays put with no creasing. It's also opaque enough to use on blemishes if I'm out and about, so it's handy to pop in my bag.
    Jane x

  4. This elf concealer is nice if you don't have bad under eye circles and if you just want to make them less visible! :) The elf cover stick is quite nice too! :)

  5. Theika einai,latreyw ta gatakia!!
    Emena pou les den mou mazeyotan mexri prin kana mhna pou to xrhsimopoiousa,poly spania mono an to aplwna biastika..
    Me ta daxtyla einai kalytero giati to pinelo tha mazeye poly proion..

  6. Thelw na to dokimasw kapoia stigmi! Einai arketa akrivo pantws!