Organization : Necklaces!

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We all look for a better way to store our necklaces and not everybody has the money or the space to buy one of those gorgeous jewellery organizers that are out there! I'd personally love to have one, but unfortunately they're too expensive! I'd rather spend that money to buy more necklaces lol ! It's so pretty though, I can't deny it!

Some necklaces are more delicate than others, so you shouldn't put 100 necklaces all together in one drawer, because they might lose their shape! So, I've found a really simple and cheap solution for that! All you need is a closet door (or whatever you call that lol) and 1 towel hanger that sticks on surfaces!

Doesn't it look cool and neat? You can stick it on the outside or on the inside part of your closet, whatever works for you, but I'd suggest sticking it on the inside, because that way your jewellery won't collect dust, that's what I've done anyway! :) As you can see I need a second one, because I have way too many necklaces! Btw if you want a seperate post on my necklaces just let me know! ;)

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