I received some Pantene Pro-V samples a few days ago!

I had requested a couple of months ago some Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light samples on this Greek website, but since so much time had passed, I had totally forgotten about them! A courier guy rang my doorbell a few days ago and he gave me these :

This little box contains 2 x 75ml bottles, one is the Aqua Light Shampoo and the other one is the Aqua Light Conditioner! 75ml is a quite generous sample, so I'm really happy I received these! Here's how they look like :

As some of you may know I've already tried the Aqua Light Conditioner and I like it a lot!! I love sample sizes, they're great for travelling and you also get to try products without having to pay anything! Make sure to check this website out if you live in Greece! I recently requested a Herbal Essences sample as well ! ;)

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  1. einai polu kalo proion!!
    tin epsaksa tin selida, alla de mporw na vrw pws zitas deigmatakia :/

  2. Grapsou sto site k sto newsletter tous, gia ta deigmata emena mu ir8e e-mail k tis 2 fores! Patas se link pu su dinun sto e-mail k etsi zitas to deigma! :)

  3. nice! I just asked for the Herbal Essences samples too! I've always saved those samples (and from magazines etc) for travelling and mini vacations and my friends are jealous because they have to carry the full sizes! lol!

  4. Yay! ;) The only bad thing is that it takes so long to get the samples! Other than that they're great! :)