Review : Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner

I recently purchased the sampoo from the Shine Booster range and I liked it, so I thought I would try a conditioner from this brand too! Since I would go on vacation, I chose the one for dry, damaged hair, because the sun and the sea damage your hair!

We’ll start with the packaging! This conditioner comes in a nice and simple white bottle made of plastic with a black cap! It’s quite round in the front and flat in the back and it holds 500ml of product! Here’s what it looks like:

The actual product is a quite runny conditioner (not too runny though) that has a quite strong scent! Although it’s meant to be used for dry or damaged hair, it’s not heavy! I have oily and damaged/frizzy hair at the same time (don’t ask me how I managed to do that, I have no idea!) that gets tangled really easily and this conditioner moisturizes and detangles my hair without leaving it greasy or weighing it down! So, if you have similar hair to mine, then you might wanna try it, but if you want a heavy duty conditioner, then this one won’t offer you much!

This conditioner retails for 5Euros (5,20 I think) and you get 500ml of product, so one bottle will last you a long time! I like mine so much that I’ve already used more than half of it (I use it almost daily though) ! Good stuff!

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  1. This sounds good hun, i know what you mean about oily and dry hair mine is the same oily roots dry ends its a pain xx

  2. @nicoletta thanks :) well you didn't get me... if I had oily roots and dry ends it would be much easier! My roots are oily and the rest of my hair is oily AND frizzy/dehydrated at the same time! I have no idea why.. I never blowdry, I don't use harsh shampoos and in general I'm gentle with my hair!

  3. I love syoss! The mask of this line does work really well for dry hair. xx

  4. @Elle Oh really? I should try it then, because as you can see I love the conditioner! :) Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. gia mena pali ta syoss kamia suginish! oute arnhtiko oute 8etiko. akoma psaxnw sabouan tou eboriou pou na me en8ousiasei vevaia!


  6. @Vero pio palia me eixe en8ousiasi to gliss sto roz mpoukali tu schwarzkopf, eixa pa8i psixosi!! :) ta mallia mou den tin paleuoun katholou vasika! :/