Review : Stila Convertible Color in Peony

I must confess that I’m obsessed with Stila, although I love bargains and drugstore makeup! So, if you combine a bargain and Stila together, then it’s the perfect combination! lol ! I got this Convertible Color as part of a Stila set on !

We’ll start with the packaging as always! The regular Convertible Color comes in a bigger metal packaging with a mirror inside, but since mine was part of a set it’s different! Mine is smaller, half the size of the regular one I’d say, and it comes in a cute plastic compact without a mirror! You gotta be careful when opening it, because if you’re not gentle you might break off the part that connects the bottom part of the compact with the top part! Other than that the compact is quite sturdy, I put pressure on it and I don’t feel like it’s gonna break any minute now! Plus it’s soooo cute and very convenient due to its size, you can throw it in your purse and go!! Here’s what it looks like :

The actual product is nice and creamy, it blends easily and it lasts pretty long on my oily cheeks, but you can definitely use a matching powder blush or some translucent powder on top of it to make it last even longer! I used it on its own and I had no problems at all ! This product is supposed to be used on both cheeks and lips, I haven’t used it on my lips yet, but judging from its creamy consistency I think you could use it on your lips on top of some lipbalm! I use my fingers to apply it and blend it on my cheeks, because it’s easier and quicker that way, but you could use a brush too if you don’t like the finger method! Just make sure to have clean hands if you apply any cream products with your fingers, because you don’t want any dirt on your face or in your makeup!

The color Peony is so pretty, it’s a dusty pinky-peachy color that you can pair with almost every look, since it looks neutral on the cheeks, that’s why I chose to take it with me on vacation and I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far! I don’t know about the rest of the colors, but this one is very pigmented, so use it sparingly, especially if you’re very fair and blend, blend, blend! Here's what it looks like:

I think this product (the regular, big packaging) retails for $20, which sounds expensive, but it’s not if you consider that it’s very pigmented, so it will last you a long time! You can also search Ebay for a better price! ;) I got this as part of a 5-piece set and I paid 17.50Euros for the whole set! Not bad at all! I will definitely check out Ebay or when I run out of this compact! ;) Definitely check it out if you’re into cream blushes or if you have dry skin, because cream blushes are great for dry skin!

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  1. ah! that's the same one I have - size and everything! I wonder if we got the same little kit. I've tested all of the other shades in the store, and this is definitely my favorite shade, though. Did you see the dupe post I did on this? :)

    Oh, and it's actually $25 here for the full size pan, but I think I might end up shelling it out when my mini runs out because I like it so much.

  2. @Sassy thanks!! ;)

    @Caitlin I got it as part of an Ulta set! ;) I haven't seen the dupe post you've done, but I'll check it out when I get back! :) ouch $25??? :/

  3. That looks very pretty! And what a great deal you got!

  4. @gio yep it's very pretty!! :) check regularly if you want, they have some great deals! I got 2 different Stila sets over last year's (2009) Christmas holidays for a great price! ;) They offer free shipping too! ;)