Review : Oriflame Body Cream with Toning Pink Grapefruit & Ginkgo

Generally I don't use body creams and body lotions, I hate the oily feeling they leave behind! My legs are dry though, so sometimes I have to use a body cream on them! I need a lightweight one with a nice scent! The one I've been loving lately is Oriflame Body Cream with Toning Pink Grapefruit & Ginkgo! :)

We'll start with the packaging as always! This cream comes in a cute pink jar that holds 200ml of product! The cap is clear and there's a big white sticker on it with the name of the product and 2 slices of grapefruit! Although the jar is cute, it would be much more hygienic if this cream came in a tube! Here's what the packaging looks like :

On to the actual product now! ;) This cream is neither thick nor runny, which is nice, because in general I don't like thick creams, since they tend to be heavy! So, this is a lightweight body cream that's moisturizing enough for me! If you have really dry skin you might want to opt for a thicker, more moisturizing body cream! The scent of this cream is amazing, it smells like grapefruit!! Such a light and fresh scent, I love it!! Here's what the cream looks like, it has a light pink hint to it :

I got this body cream last summer as part of a set along with a shower gel and a soap bar for almost 10Euros, so this body cream was about 3.5Euros! Not bad at all, since you're getting 200ml and the product smells great!!! I think this line (Pink Grapefruit and Ginkgo) was limited edition, but  I see it from time to time in Oriflame's catalogues! So, definitely check it out, especially if you love lightweight body creams with a fresh scent! ;) 

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  1. Seems a nice cream Stav :) I'm on the lookout for some new ones as I am really running low on my current body lotions/creams. What you can do to take the product out (this also applies for other products that come in the same format) is use a wooden spatula! Like the ones beauticians use for waxing or tongue depressors doctors use :)

  2. yo también compro oriflame, hay cosas que están muy bien.
    esta crema no la he probado pero queda para la próxima compra.

  3. Nice review! I really like oriflame body (and face) creams, they smell amazing and the natural ingredients are always a plus!

  4. @Lara I'm not a body cream/lotion person, but I really like this one! Oh thanks for the tip! ;)

    @ronury I'll translate your message, so that others can understand what you're writing:

    "I also buy oriflame, they have nice things. I haven't tried this cream, but it's going to be my next purchase. kisses nury"

    They do have some nice things, especially body lotions and body creams! :)

    @Natalie hehe thanks! :) This body cream smells AMAZING!!!! :D If it appears in the catalogue (I'm an oriflame consultant), I'll let you know! ;)