Review : Noxzema Memories Roll-On Deodorant

This deodorant is one of my latest obsessions! I had tried Noxzema’s deodorant before and I didn’t like it, but my boyfriend says that's great (he uses the Classic or Pilot version) and I decided to try it! I guess they’ve changed the formula, because now I love it!

The packaging is pretty simple, a quite flat glass bottle with a plastic cap! It normally holds 50ml of product, but there’s a promotion for the 50 years of Procter & Gamble in Greece, so the bottle I got holds 75ml of product! Needless to say I bought 4 of these bottles lol ! What can I do, I love to stock up when there are sales, especially on everyday items, like deodorant, shower gel etc! Here’s what the packaging looks like:

I love this deodorant! First of all it doesn’t contain alchohol, which is great, because if a deodorant contains alchohol it burns my armprits, especially after shaving!! It also has a great scent, which lasts for hours, and even after the scent fades you still don’t stink ( :P ) ! I had it on during a hot day from the morning when I woke up ‘til late at night and although the scent had faded I couldn’t detect any nasty smell !! Great job Noxzema! I can’t tell you whether this leaves white marks on clothes, because I always put on deodorant after I’ve put on my clothes, but judging from some t-shirts it propably leaves white marks!

The regular 50ml bottle retails for about 2,80Euros, which is a reasonable price, sinced roll-on deodorants last for a long time, unlike the spray deodorants, which last for 2-3 weeks only! So, give this a try if you’re on the market for a new deodorant and make sure to take advantage of the P & G promotion if you’re in Greece, because you get 50% more product for the same price as the regular bottle! ;)

I forgot to mention that this deodorant comes in 2 more scents, Pilot and Classic! They both smell almost the same, but Classic is a little lighter than Pilot! Pilot is for men, Memories is for women and Classic is for both! ;)

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  1. @bobbysgeel it's distributed by Procter & Gamble, I have no idea if it's available in the USA!

  2. i've never heard of it either, i live in the USA, i have heard of Noxzema though, i've used their razors.

  3. I love itttt! I live in Greece and I haven't found a really good one until I bought noxzema by mistake. I went out and forgot to put deo:p so had to buy anything, and it was the only one on their shelf. the smell it leaves on shirts is great btw! Oh and thx for the tip;I didnt know it was a promotion now.gona go stock some more:p

  4. Where can i find it online?

  5. Don't forget about the danger ingredients of it. I have done an analysis of them and as soon I am gonna translate my whole article into english. PS. be a little saspicious about the ingredients you put on your skin.

    1. I know that most deodorants contain dangerous ingredients, but what if natural deodorants don't work for you and crystal deodorants give you rashes after a few months? I don't know, I might try a crystal deodorant from a different brand and we'll see how it goes. Thank you very much for the link you provided :) x