Review : Herbal Essences Hair Mask for Dry/Damaged Hair

I didn't like the old formula of Herbal Essences hair products, they weren't moisturizing and they made my hair feel weird to the touch! But they recently re-formulated their products and I have to say they're pretty good! I took advantage of some offers that Procter & Gamble has and I bought a set with this hair mask and a mini shampoo (250ml) from the same line free! Since my hair tends to frizz, I chose a hair mask for dry/damaged hair! :)

Let's start with the packaging of course! This hair mask comes in a light blue jar made of plastic that holds 200ml of product! Although the packaging is cute, I would prefer a squeezy tube instead, because trying to get some product while in the shower isn't the easiest thing in the world, plus the jar gets filled with water! Here's what it looks like :

The actual product is a quite runny (not too runny though) hair mask that has a quite strong floral scent, which stays on your hair! I love it! Although this hair mask is meant to be used for dry or damaged hair, it's not heavy! I have oily and damaged/frizzy hair at the same time (don’t ask me how I managed to do that, I have no idea!) that gets tangled really easily and this mask moisturizes and detangles my hair without leaving it greasy or weighing it down! It leaves the hair nice and soft and with a nice scent! Ι So, if you have similar hair to mine, then you might wanna try it, but if you want a heavy duty hair mask, then this one won’t offer you much!

On the jar it says that this hair mask contains orchid and coconut extracts and it's a deeply conditioning hair mask that takes care of dry or damaged hair! It also says that you have to leave it on for just 1 minute and then rinse it off! I leave it on for about 3-4 minutes for some extra action, but hey it's great if you're in a hurry, because it does work even if you leave it on for only 1 minute! Here's what it looks like :

This hair mask retails for about 5-6Euros (I can't find the receipt to tell you the exact amount of money I paid) and you get 200ml of product, so the price is quite reasonable! Now if you grab yourself the set with the free 250ml shampoo, then we're talking about a bargain! ;) Definitely check it out! :)

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