Review : Garnier Repair Lipbalm

Generally I’m not a lipbalm person, in fact I hate them, because most of them feel greasy and heavy on my lips and I hate that feeling! Sometimes my lips get dry though, so I gotta have one lipbalm and I’ve found one that I like! That’s Garnier Repair Lipbalm!

We’ll start with the packaging of course! This lipbalm comes in a white plastic tube with a red cap! I really like the packaging, it’s nice and sleek and that red color is beautiful ! Here’s what it looks like:

On to the actual product now! This lipbalm is lightweight, it doesn’t feel greasy, yet it moisturizes pretty well ! If you have really dry and cracked lips though, then this lipbalm isn’t for you, as it’s not the most moisturizing lipbalm in the market! It’s great to use under lip products, like lipgloss, lipstick etc, as it doesn’t make lip products slip away like a heavy lipbalm would do!

If I remember correctly this lipbalm retails for about 3-3,50Euros and you get 4,7ml in this tube, so the price is quite reasonable! There are 2-3 other versions in the same range too! Check them out if you’re looking for a lightweight and non-greasy lipbalm! ;)

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  1. Sounds good!I m a serious lip balm addict!So, will try this sometime for sure...

  2. @Srish lol this post was for you and Jelena (makeupfan), you lipbalm addicts! ;)

  3. I'm a lipbalm addict, i admit! :-D I'll definitely buy this one when i visit Belgrade, thanks for the review! :-)

  4. @makeupfan hehehe! ;) there are 2-3 more versions of this, check them out! :)

  5. I really love the red! I'm such a sucker for packaging, but I've never seen this. I wonder if we don't have them in the US :(

  6. @Caitlin you could do some research in your local stores or online! :)