Radiant Professional Fall 2010 Makeup Looks

This is Radiant Professional makeup looks for Fall 2010! The pictures were found online! Check them out and let me know what you think! ;)

My most favorite looks are the last 2 ones and especially the last one, although it's kinda vampy! What do you think of this collection? What's your favorite makeup look out of these? :) To be honest I'm not very impressed with the looks and I don't like the last 3 models AT ALL, they look so snob in the pictures!

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  1. Where the hell is Radiant's website? I'm familiar with the Seventeen one, the Erre De website too.. But Radiant? Can't find it :(

  2. @cbsg5861 I don't think they have a website or at least I haven't found one :/ it sucks big time!!

  3. These looks are all beautiful! My favoruite is the second one. I just love the eye makeup in that photo.

  4. *-* omg amazing looks! love them all! :D I especially like the fourth and last one, but they all look great! ^^

  5. @gio the most colorful huh? ;)

    @Aru the fourth one is beautiful, but I don't think I can pull off that kind of lipcolor lol

    @Enigma & Danielitsa hello my vampy friends lol ! ;)