My Viva La Nails sample pack is here! :)

I received this wonderful sample pack from Viva La Nails almost a month ago and I only had to pay for shipping! It took 5 days for the envelope to arrive to Greece, so that was really quick! And I got plenty of goodies, let me show you! :) (as always click on pictures for larger view)

Nail Stickers and Water Decals (beautiful designs)

Rhinestones etc.

I will use either the nail stickers or the water decals very soon, I would have done that already, because I painted my toenails about 5 days ago, but I forgot to add some nail stickers or water decals! lol ! I have a question for you : how do I make those rhinestones and all those little pieces stick to my nails? I guess I'll need some type of glue, right? Lara? Anyone?? :D

Definitely check out this website, they have some pretty cool items, especially if you're into nail stuff! They have nail stickers, water decals, nail art canes, rhinestones, files & buffers etc! And their prices are pretty reasonable too, for example the nail stickers retail between £1.45 and £1.95! The shipping is pretty reasonable too, it's £2.95 for all orders under £25 and FREE shipping for all orders over £25 ! The website is owned by Una Pecatti, who's a professional nail technician, so that's a bonus, because it means that she knows the job and she knows what stuff she needs to carry on her website Viva La Nails !

I'm not being paid nor am I affiliated with Viva La Nails, these are my honest opinions! This is actually a sample pack for bloggers and youtubers! When I get a chance to use these products I'll definitely review them and let you know what I think!

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  1. They look good, what do you do? Stick them on top of a polish?

  2. Hmmmmm, noted the website.
    I like the stickers with the little roses at the bottom right!

    Thanks for sharing ;)


  3. ta water decals ta latreeeeeeeeuw!!!
    You should try them first!You won't regret it!
    and also xronia polla gia shmera!sta pa k sto fb!

  4. @Enigma you're talking about the nail stickers? yep and then you apply a thin layer of a clear top coat! :)

    @cbsg5861 I'll let you know how it goes when I get a chance to try them! ;)

    @Ria ligo fasariozika den ine omws? xexexe s'euxaristw agapi ! :)

  5. oxi kale!ligo neraki, koyimo k tsoup! etoima!k de fainetai kan oti einai kati extra opws ta autokollhta!sou lew ta latreeeeuw!

  6. @Ria nai e? orea 8a ta dokimasw prwta tote!! ;)

  7. Those look great! You'll be able to create some awesome nail arts with them. :)

  8. They are so pretty,can't wait to see you get creative with those...!!
    I gave you a sunshine award,check it out here...


  9. @Srish yep they're pretty! :) Awwwww thanks sweetie, I'll check it out tomorrow, as I'm too sleepy now lol! ;)

  10. tis rhinestones tis kolas me to diafano to verniki. pernas mia mikrh strosh apo katwna kolisei k meta apo panw boliko kai voila!
    ma ka8e fora 8elw na ta stolizw ola ta nuxia mou! patrino karnavali gia panta!

  11. @Vero eimai teliws asxeth, fainetai? lol ! xaxaxaxaxa patrino karnavali foreva!!!!!