I bought some shoes!!! :)

I'm seriously addicted to shoes (handbags, cosmetics, clothes, you get the idea lol ) ! Although I'm short (1.55m = almost 5'1), I don't wear heels very often! Don't get me wrong, I ADORE heels, but my feet are so sensitive and they start aching 2 hours after going out! So, I prefer flats, because they're still cute and feminine, without making my feet hurt!

I was about to do some blood test on Friday, but there was something wrong with my papers and I didn't do it! This was the 3rd time going to have a blood test and not doing it in the end!! Oh and I'm TERRIFIED by needles! So, after that I decided to go shoe shopping to comfort myself a little bit! I came home with 4 pairs LOL! Here's what I got (as always click on the picture for larger view) :

I got 1 pair of light brown flats (the store didn't have any dark brown pairs, but hey this one works too) and 3 pairs of black flats, because a girl can never have enough black flats, right? ;) The top left and the bottom right pair (they're the same, just in different colors) are made of leather! :) My favorite pair is the top right, it's sooooo cute!!! The best part was the price... each pair was 17Euros!! :D No more flats from ZARA that cost 40Euros and are stinky as hell ! LOL! I'm planning to wear these with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and 3 out of the 4 pairs can be worn with nice clothes to look more chic and professional ! ;) They're so versatile! :) I love them!!!

Any nice bargains you got recently? ;) I'd love to hear (read) about them! :)

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  1. Nice finds!!! The top right flats are soooo cute ;)



  2. i love pumps , but i got big feet so its hard to get my size here. but i get my fix by asking my cousins to send me sum from U.k

  3. @cbsg5861 Thanks!! ;) den einai glykoutsika? :) apo ena magazi konta ston ilektriko sto marousi ta pira! ;) Vekelidis legetai !

    @Sarah yay for your sweet cousins! ;) My feet are average, so I don't have a problem finding shoes! :)

  4. I like the first pair on the bottom row best! The rest are really nice too though! I am 5'2 so should wear heels but my feet hurt too much when I do so I dont bother. :)

  5. @Enigma hehe thanks! :) Oh finally somebody who understands me on the whole heels situation! :D

    @Phyrra hehe they're cute, aren't they? :)

  6. I tend to wear flats too! (I do love heels though), but like you, my feet ache not long after wearing heels :-(
    I'm barely 5'2"... I wish I was at least 4 inches taller lol.

    Lovely shoes! I love the bottom left pair :-D

  7. @Chrystal expensive perfumes come in small bottles! lol ;) Hehe thanks! I'm so glad I found them! <3

  8. Oh they are so cute really!
    Ειδικα τα δευτερα απο αριστερα στην πρωτη φωτο!!
    Εγω περιμενω τα γενεθλια μου,29/9 να κανω μερικα ψωνια! χιχιχι!

  9. @Artemi hehe s'euxaristw koritsaki! :) Poia kale s'aresoun perissotero? Me mperdepses! lol ! Kala psonia se 10 meres!! ;)

  10. πολυ ομορφα ολα Σταυρουλα ειδικα τα κατω δεξια που ειναι και πιο ανοιχτοχρωμα....ερωτας!!!!
    αντε να πληρωθω και εγω να παω λιγο αγορα γτ αλλιως....ουτε τσοκαρο!!χαχαχαχαχα

  11. awww, they are all so pretty! Don't worry about not finding dark brown shoes, light brown is hot trend this winter!

  12. @Danielitsa xexexe s'euxaristw! ;) einai poli omorfa! epitelous fetos vrika normal mpalarines, giati persy+propersy ixe olo vlakies sta magazia! Xaxaxaxaxa oute tsokaro leei !!

    @Natalie hihihi :) I don't worry lol! They're not exactly light brown, they have some grey in them too, so I'd say they're taupey brown! :) Aaaaa tha eimai k mesa sth moda tromara mou fetos? Xaxaxaxaxa!!!

  13. Love love the flats on the bottom left! So cute.

  14. @Cydonian hehe thanks! It seems that this pair is everybody's favorite! ;)