August Favorites!! :)

Wow the summer is almost over!!! I have so many favorites this month and many of them aren't makeup items! :) It's mostly stuff I took with me on vacation! :) Shall we start? ;) Here's a pic of my August favorites (click on the picture for larger view):

Starting from the left :

  • Stila Convertible Color in Peony : I love it!!! It's so convinient and easy to pair with so many looks!
  • Elf Mineral Booster : You know I can't live without my mineral booster!
  • Radiant Professional Eyeshadow Base : It keeps my eye makeup in place for hours!
  • Milani Eyeshadow Quad in Dream Baby : I love the peachy color from this quad!
  • Korres Bronzing Powder in 01 Sunglow Light : I'm really impressed with this bronzer! I've used it religiously during my vacation!
  • Noxzema Memories Roll-On Deodorant : My new favorite deodorant! It keeps me fresh all day and it smells great! ;)
  • Johnson's Baby Powder : I used this when wearing skirts or dresses to avoid those horrible red spots on the inner part of my thighs! It works like a dream! ;)
  • Oriflame Tender Care Cold Cream : Perfect for very dry, flaky spots!
  • Compeed Anti-Blister Stick : My feet are so sensitive and this has saved my life! I will review it very soon! You have to try it if you get blisters easily!
  • Elf Waterproof Legthening & Volumizing Mascara in Black : I still love it!! I have to get me a backup!
  • Carroten Color Lock Suncare Hair Spray : I've never used a hair sunscreen before and wow this one is great! It makes my hair nice and soft and it smells divine!!
  • Sigma SS150 Large Powder Brush : This is one of my staples! I use it to apply my mineral booster and my bronzing powder!
  • Sigma SS239 Eye Shading Brush : Great for applying eyeshadow all over the lid! ;)
  • Revlon Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner in Brown : I can't believe I love this so much! I'll definitely get a new one soon! :)
  • Bath Gloves : I've been using bath gloves instead of loofahs or stuff like that for years! They make my skin feel so clean and soft, because they exfoliate too! ;)
  • Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler : I'm obsessed with it, it's official ! I can't imagine putting on mascara without using this first! :)
  • Bijou Brigitte Black Flower Ring : One of my favorite rings! It's so cute!
  • Bracelet made of natural materials : I bought this during last year's vacation on the island of Kea and it's gorgeous, I love anything turqoise!
  • Elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths : Still loving them! :) This is my 2nd pack and it's almost empty! Thank God I have a backup!
  • Artdeco Camouflage Cream in Nr. 6 : I used this instead of foundation!! :) I just put some on pimples and around my mouth and on the sides of my nose, where I have a lot of redness, and my skin looked much better! ;)
  • Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzer in Fair : This stuff is great!!! I love it, love it, love it!!
  • Elf Professional Shine Eraser : Great for blotting any excess oil from the face! And so cheap! They rock!

In the back :

  • Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner : It moisturizes my hair without making it more oily than it already is! ;) Good stuff!
  • Johnson's Body Care 24hour Moisture Radiance Shower Gel : It smells divine!!! Yummy!!

I forgot to include Elf Hot Pink Nail Polish in the picture! It's soooo pretty, I'm so glad I got it!!! :) What are your monthly favorites for August? ;) Let me know! :)

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  1. Nice faves Hun! Great picture too! <3 Ter/bobbysgeel

  2. Hey Stavroula nice favourites :) I used to use bath gloves but now I have switched to loofahs. I love the way these things exfoliate the skin and lather up the shower gel!

  3. @Lara thanks! ;) I own a couple of loofahs too, but I prefer the gloves! Loofahs lather up really well, so they're are great for saving up on shower gel, you're right! ;)

  4. I've never tried the shower gloves before, I use a poof. What are they like for putting on when your in the shower?
    Also tried the baby powder when wearing skirts thing especially when its hot but I seem to end up being covered in white power! Is it just me that does that?
    Looking forward to the blister stick review, never heard of one of those before and I always get blisters!!!

  5. I love all my ELF nailpolishes and cant wait to order the new ones! Which ones do you have?

  6. @Enigma I've used bath gloves for years, they're easy to put on! :) For the baby powder : either apply it with a powder brush or simply put some (not a ton though) on your hand and gently pat it on your legs! You can gently brush off any excess with a fluffy brush or a fan brush! :) I will review the blister stick very soon, it definitely works!!

    @Carolina They're so nice! Here's what I got: Punk Purple, Fluorescent Pink, Fuchsia, Plum, Dark Navy, Fire Coral, Mod Mauve, Hot Pink ! ;)

  7. I have sigma large powder brush if its F30 ;) its just amazing. I love it .

    Great post

  8. @Sarah I love this brush too, it's so big and fluffy! :) I own 3 of them! :)

  9. I swear by shower gloves! So great to use once or twice a week for a better exfoliation and faster than using a scrub. Good call! :)

  10. @Caitlin mine aren't harsh, so I use them everyday! They're great for massaging as well !! :)