What's in my travel makeup bag?


Hey guys! I really missed you all these days I was missing in action! I'm getting ready for vacation, I'm leaving on Thursday and I'll be gone for one week! So, I was picking the things I would take with me (makeup-wise) and I thought it would be a great idea to share my list with you! I'd love to hear (read, whatever lol) what's in your travel makeup bag! This year I managed to narrow down the number of products I took with me and I feel very proud of myself!! So, here's what you can find in my travel makeup bag and I'll also tell you why I chose these products:

  • Artdeco Camouflage Cream : it stays put and it covers any pimples and red spots really well!
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Powder Foundation : it's very easy to apply, you don't need a separate brush and the application takes 1-2 minutes! Plus it's a mineral powder, so it's great for my oily skin!
  • Elf Mineral Booster : I don't go anywhere without it!! I use it alone or on top of my foundation! It makes my skin look so healthy and it doesn't accentuate my dry patches!
  • Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzer : cream/liquid sunscreens make my skin really oily, sticky and yucky! This bronzer protects my skin without making it oily etc! ;)
  • L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder : I keep this in my purse for touch-ups!
  • Stila Convertible Color in Peony (in the picture you can see Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, but I decided to take Stila Peony with me instead, because Maybelline's blush is shimmery, whereas Stila's blush is quite matte) : it's nice and creamy and I can apply it with my fingers, no brushes required! This particular color is quite neutral, so I can pair it with almost everything! ;)
  • Korres Bronzing Powder in 01 Sunglow Light : I got this as part of a Korres set and I used it a lot during the past week! :)
  • Radiant Professional Eyeshadow Base : I don't go anywhere without an eyeshadow primer/base, if I don't use something like that my eye makeup melts off after a couple of hours!
  • Milani Eyeshadow Quad in Dream Baby : I've been using this baby so much lately!! It's such a nice little palette! :)
  • Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler : I use this all the time, good stuff!
  • Elf Waterproof Legthening & Volumizing Mascara in Black : It has become one of my staples, it gives me long, full lashes and it doesn't flake!
  • Oriflame Visions Naughty Eyes Mascara in Club Diva (black) : the same as above! ;)
  • Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil (several shades) : propably my favorite eyeliner pencils, I'm taking various shades with me, because during the summer I don't want to bother with lots of eyeshadows, brushes etc. , but I still want my eye makeup to have something special ! So, I apply a neutral eyeshadow all over the lid and then I use a vibrant eyeliner to make my eyes pop! ;)
  • NYX Eyeshadow in Black : it makes a great eyeliner and I also use it to set my black eyeliner pencil for extra staying power! ;)
  • Elf Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in Dark : it defines my eyebrows nicely and it stays put! ;)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre : my HG lipgloss and it looks great on both light and darker skintones! :)
  • Korres Cherry Lipgloss in Coral : I got this recently as part of a Korres set and I love it already!! I love the texture, the color, the scent (it smells like cherry, yummyyyyy) ! It's a warm coral with hints of cherry red, nothing vibrant or over the top! It looks great on both light and darker skintones!
  • Oriflame Vivid Lipstick in Baby Beige (I forgot to include it in the picture) : beautiful pinky nude lipstick! We always need nude lipsticks, don't we? ;)
  • Korres Retractable Travel Powder Brush : I carry it in my purse for touch-ups (along with the L'Oreal powder) 
  • A little purple bag containing 4 nail polishes (3 from Elf and 1 from Erre Due), 1 top coat (from Seventeen) and several nail stickers : our nails should look nice, especially during the summer!

I didn't take a face primer or a liquid foundation with me, because I'll be on vacation, so I won't be wearing makeup for many hours! Some concealer and a mineral powder foundation are more than enough! In general I tried to keep my makeup quite minimal and I chose to take with me few things that can help me create different looks with minimal effort (for example the eyeliner pencils)! ;) As for brushes, I'll take Sigma SS150 Large Powder Brush, Sigma SS168 Large Angled Contour (in case I want to try to do some contouring for the first time lol) and Elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush to apply eyeshadow! So, what's in your travel makeup bag? ;)

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  1. Totally agree with you. My travel makeup bag: many eye pencils and mascara, 2 retractable brushes for mineral foundation bronzer and blush, lipsticks, lipglosses and nail polishes!! Don't forget your demakeup products :-)

  2. @Natalie hehe! ;) Oh I never forget my demakeup products!! :) I usually forget my toothbrush or something like that lol

  3. I tend to travel light... I usually just take my bareminerals foundation and a kabuki brush, mac technakohl liner, waterproof mascara, and a couple tubes of lip gloss.

  4. i love watching or reading whats in my bag/makeup bag posts. I love being nosey maybe :P

  5. @Lindsay no blush or bronzer? :) nice picks btw! :)

    @Sarah yeah me too! lol ! I like getting ideas about my makeup bag! ;)

  6. I only wear blush on occasion, no bronzer, so I skip it when I'm traveling.

    I'd love to find a perfect palette and just take that instead of a makeup bag though!

  7. @Lindsay I guess you're not as pale and as colorless as ghost, lucky you! :) What kind of palette are you looking for? :)

  8. I really am pale but I kinda dig it cause it makes my features stand out more. I'd like to find something that has a decent foundation and powder, plus some classic and fun eye shades. I keep getting tempted to try the e.l.f. palettes but I just haven't yet.

  9. I really am pale but I kinda dig it cause it makes my features stand out more. I'd like to find something that has a decent foundation and powder, plus some classic and fun eye shades. I keep getting tempted to try the e.l.f. palettes but I just haven't yet.