Summer Vacation 2010! ;)


It's time for summer vacation girls!! :) I'm leaving in 9 hours and I'm gonna visit the island of Syros with my boyfriend for one week! :) I went shopping today and I bought 4 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of wedges, 1 pair of high-heels and 1 pair of flat sandals! I'm so excited, because I really like them and they were reasonably priced too! :) I'm gonna do a post about them when I get back from my vacation! :) I hope you'll have a great time while I'm gone, I'll really miss you guys!!

Take care and don't forget your sunscreen! ;)

P.S. : The flip flops aren't mine lol ! I found the picture online! :)

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  1. Have a fab holiday Stavroula, enjoy the warm sunshine and the seamist, it's always fab to make you feel/look wonderful !

    PS wouldn't mind a little thought when you're tanning/enjoying the sunshine - it's been pouring down with rain the last few days in the UK :)


  2. Four pairs of shoes in one day! My bloke would kill me lol! Hope you have a lovely time on holiday :)

  3. @MartianDelights awwww thanks!!! :D I will enjoy the sea as much as I can! :) Unfortunately I can't stay under the sun for long, so I won't get too tanned! lol ! Btw my boyfriend will bring his laptop with him and I'll propably have internet access, so I will try to post some stuff while I'm away, not much though! :)

    @Enigma 2 of the 4 pairs were a gift from my lovely boyfriend! :) Thanks honey! :)

  4. Have a great time Stavroula :) given the chance I would travel all over Greece and its wonderful islands... I have such a soft spot for it! you lucky gal! xxx take care

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