Review : Stila Color Push-Ups in Rose Flash

This is one of the first Stila products (I looooove Stila, I'm almost obsessed with it) I ever bought and I still like it a lot! I think it was my first cream/gel blush too and it got me hooked on cream/gel blushes! :)

We'll start the review with the packaging as always! This blush comes in a clear plastic twist-up tube with silver parts on the top and on the bottom! The twist-up thing works pretty well, I've had this blush for so long and I've never had any problems with it not twisting up! The tube is pretty compact, which is really good, as it doesn't take up a lot of space in your makeup bag, and it's sturdy too! My only complaint about the packaging is the fact that the silver color has worn off at some parts and it looks kinda cheap if you know what I mean! Here's what it looks like:

As you can see I've used half of the blush so far, which is very rare for me, considering I have many blushes! The actual product is pretty creamy and it blends really easily! I apply it on my cheeks directly from the tube and then blend it out with my fingers, but you could definitely apply it and blend it with a brush! The blush lasts pretty long on my oily cheeks, but if you top it off with a matching powder blush or some translucent powder your blush will last literally ALL day!! ;) I've used it as a base for my powder blushes for the most part! :) This blush is quite pigmented, so don't use a lot of it, unless you wanna look like a clown lol ! Also don't use a lot if you have oily skin, because it's a cream blush, so it can make you look oily if you overdo it!

The color I have is called Rose Flash and it's a gorgeous muted pink that will look good on quite many different skintones, as you can apply it lightly if you're fair or layer it if you're darker! :) It leaves a gorgeous sheen on your cheeks and it makes them look fresh and glowy, which is great especially for summer or for dry skin! ;) Here's what it looks like unblended, the pic was taken in natural daylight:

I don't see these blushes on Sephora's or on Stila's website, I guess they discontinued them? You can definitely find them online though! I think these blushes used to retail for about $16, I got mine from Sephora here in Greece! You get 8g of product, which will last you for a very long time, as it's pigmented and a little goes a long way! As far as I can remember there used to be several shades in this range, like a peachy one, a bronzey one, a vibrant pink etc! Give these blushes a try! ;)

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  1. i don't know well the stila products, i only own a lipstick of this brand,

    this blush looks great, the swatch reminds me of my illamasqua cream blush, i wonder if they are dupes !

    thanks for sharing !


  2. That's such a pretty color! Too bad Stila isn't available here.

  3. @Lily I don't own any of their lipsticks, just 2 lipglosses! Can you review the lipstick? ;)

    @gio check Stila online, I've bought 2 Stila sets from ! They have great prices and free shipping! ;) We have Stila here, but it's expensive, so the internet is my best friend! :)