Review : Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil in Brown

Emily on youtube was raving about these eyeliner pencils from Revlon in numerous videos, so I had to check them out, since I've bought quite a lot of stuff she was raving about and I liked them all ! I was able to find one of these eyeliners in Brown and I'm planning to get more! :) It comes in a sleek, plastic packaging and I like the fact that you can see the color of the eyeliner on the cap and on the back of the pencil, because I have many eyeliner pencils, so I don't like digging around in order to find the pencil I want! Here's what it looks like:

The eyeliner pencil is quite thin, which I like, and it's automatic (retractable), which is very convinient, as you don't need a sharpener to sharpen it! However there's a little sharpener on the back of the pencil in case you want to sharpen it! It works great!

The actual product is a quite creamy and pigmented eyeliner that stays on my oily eyelids and on my waterline pretty long, even if I don't set it with a matching powder eyeshadow! It's not as creamy as my Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil, but I don't find it tugging my eye and it deposits color on my waterline pretty well, I mean I don't have to put any pressure or to make numerous swipes in order for the color to appear the way I want it!

Here's a swatch of the eyeliner in natural daylight :

It doesn't come in a huge variety of colors, most of the colors are pretty basic, you don't get any vibrant teal, turqoise, purple, vibrant green etc, but if you prefer quite natural makeup these eyeliner are ideal for you! Here are the colors it comes: Black, Black Brown, Brown, Charcoal, Navy, Blackberry, Cocoa and Teal!

I got this eyeliner pencil off Ebay for about £3.00 and you get 0.28g of product, which is quite ok I guess, but I'd like to get a little bit more product for my money! Anyway, if you're looking for a nice retractable eyeliner pencil at an affordable price, make sure to check it out! I want to try the Colorstay Liquid eyeliners too, I've heard good things about them too! You can find more info on these eyeliners and on other Revlon products on Revlon's official website ! ;)

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  1. This looks good, i think revlon do some good products x

  2. I really like these liners. They're not the creamiest in the world, but some of the best I've used from the drugstore. I also really love the ColorStay liquid liners. They've actually been the main liquid liner I've used for a few years, so I'd strongly recommend trying them out :)

  3. That looks very pigmented and I love the packaging, so sleek! Thanks for the review.

  4. @nicoletta I really like Revlon! :)

    @cateyez713 they're really nice! :) I will try their liquid version soon! ;)

    @gio I forgot to mention that this swatch is with a couple of light swipes, but yes it's pigmented! :)