Review : L'Oreal True Match Concealer in W 1-2-3 Fair/Light

As you can see from the pictures below, I've used and loved this product a lot! It's called True Match Super Blendable Concealer and I have it in shade W 1-2-3 Fair/Light!I quite like the True Match range, but I think that this concealer is one of the best products among the range! :)

The packaging is quite simple, it comes in a small plastic lip-gloss type tube with a brush applicator and a metallic cap! I like it, because it's quite compact and you can easily throw it in your purse, without taking up a lot of space! :) The packaging holds 5.2 ml! :) Here's what it looks like, I have to warn you though that it doesn't look so good in the pictures, because I've had this concealer for so long:

The actual product is quite thin, but not watery, which is good, because I hate watery concealers! It applies easily and blends like a dream! I've been using it on pimples and red spots and it works really well and it lasts pretty long if you set it with some powder! I haven't tried it under my eyes though, so I have no idea how it performs there! If anybody has tried this on their under eye area, please let me know how it works! :) On my face it doesn't crease and it doen't look cakey, it actually looks pretty natural ! The color I picked up matches me really well, which is always a huge plus! lol ! Like the foundation, this concealer comes in a variety of shades from pretty fair to pretty dark, so you will propably find a shade that will match your skintone! :)

I bought this concealer from the USA, so I have no idea how much it costs! I think it's about $7-8! Here in Greece it must be expensive, like all L'Oreal products, so you better buy it online, you will save a lot of money that way! Check Ebay for example! ;) Since this concealer is quite pigmented you don't need a lot of product each time, so this little tube will last you a really long time! I bought other concealers recently, so I have to use them up first, but when I do, I'll definitely pick another L'Oreal True Match Concealer! Give this a try if you need a new concealer! ;)

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm always looking for a better concealer!

  2. great, adding to my list of concealers.. you know I have tons of them lately.

  3. Thanks for the review lovely :) i have l'oreal true match foundation and i absolutely love it. Now i will try getting this

  4. @Natalie hehe! ;) I really like this concealer, you can understand that by how much I've used! ;)

    @Justine lol you concealer-maniac! It's a nice, lightweight concealer! :)

    @Sarah you will definitely enjoy it then! ;)

  5. Thanks for the review. The concealer sounds great! Unfortunately though all the L'Oreal concealers I tried very too dark for me and they're so expensive here!

  6. @gio you could check the lightest shade in this one at the store to see if it's light enough for you and order it online! ;) L'Oreal is very expensive here too, as everything else actually!

  7. haha. this actually is the concealer i use for under my eyes. i find that its performance depends on what's under it - i use lotion with spf before i do concealer (no primer or foundation), and i find that over some lotions it's extremely smooth; but over others it goes a bit blotchy; so you have to experiment a bit. part of why i like it is that i'm extremely fair, and most lines don't go light enough for my skin tone. it does wear all day for me, so i like it. mine has started globbing up over the sides when i close it, though :/ a bit annoying.

  8. @Mehak ;)

    @Caitlin I'll try it under the eyes then! :) yeah it gathers on the sides when I close it too, I just take a tissue and wipe it off! btw I love your new pic!

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