Review : Elf Studio Line Complexion Brush

This is a brush I've had for a while, since February to be exact, but I started loving it in the last month, I don't know why! Maybe because I'm used to big, super fluffy brushes for my powders! I feel sorry that I didn't show some love to this brush all this time, because it's such a nice brush! I own 2 of them actually and I use them mainly with my Physicians Formula SPF 50 Bronzer, they make a great pair! Here's what the brush looks like:

This brush has a nice, matte black handle, I don't know what material it's made of, as I couldn't find any information about it on Elf's website, but I can assure you that it feels nice to the touch and looks well made! It's neither a long nor a short (travel size) handle, it's somewhere inbetween, which I find really convinient! You can find the name of the brush printed on the handle in white writing, which is great, especially for beginners! ;)

The actual brush is amazing!!! It's made of synthetic hairs (Taklon to be exact) and it's really soft!! When I first got it and washed it no dye came out and it didn't lose any hairs, which was amazing, considering that this is a face brush and usually face brushes lose a couple of hairs during the first wash! I didn't notice any nasty smell either! It still doesn't shed, which is great, because I hate picking up hairs off my face! Keep in mind that this brush is quite flat as you can see in the pictures, so don't expect a big fluffy brush!  

Like I said at the beginning of this review I mainly use this amazing brush to apply my Physicians Formula SPF 50 Bronzer, they make such a great combination!! I have quite many powder brushes, but I seem to prefer this one over the others to apply this specific powder product, I don't know why.. maybe because it's not super fluffy and the powder doesn't go flying everywhere lol ! Since this is a quite flat brush I guess you could use it for contouring as well ! :)

You can find this must have brush online here, but I haven't told you the best part yet! You know what they get what you pay for... Well, that's definitely not the case, as this brush retails for only £3.50, yet it feels and performs like a high-end one! ;) Definitely check it out, you *have* to have this brush!! Trust me and you won't regret it! ;)

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  1. I dont have this brush yet, but i will buy one in my next order ;-)

  2. This is one of my fave brushes too. The bristles are so soft and I love that, because they are so fluffy, they don't pick up too much product which makes it easier to apply pigmented blushes sheer. Having pale skin, that's very important to me or I'd look like a clown!

  3. I have this brush too and i love it! :-) Nice review Stavroula! :-)

  4. Well, just have to say... -SOLD!

    I find my regular blushbrush a tiny number too small and have thought of getting this. Now I'm not thinkin' 'bout it anymore... :D

  5. @Inma you will definitely enjoy it! ;)

    @gio I love soft brushes!! <3 ! Yep, clown cheeks aren't sexy! lol

    @makeupfan thanks honey! :)

    @mamma hehe I'm glad I could help! ;) Yep the blush brush is a bit small, so this one will be perfect for you! :)

  6. Thanks for doing this review, I was split about getting it. Think I will be now though :)

  7. @Enigma you should get it! ;) I have 2 of them! :)

  8. Πολύ καλό φαίνεται και αυτό!! Τελικά έχεις δίκιο η μαύρη σειρά είναι πολύ καλύτερη γι' αυτό και υπάρχει η διαφορά στην τιμή!!!

    1. Πωπω 4,5 χρόνια πίσω αυτό το ποστ ε! :) Ναι είναι ωραίο για πουδρίτσα και για μπρόνζερ, τώρα που μου το σχολίασες πρέπει να αρχίσω να το χρησιμοποιώ πάλι! Κολλάω και χρησιμοποιώ όλο τα ίδια πινέλα! Φιλιά :) x