Review : Elf Studio Line Blush Brush

At first I wasn't impressed with this brush, not because it's not a good brush, but because I found it a bit small for my taste! Many girls on elf's fanpage on facebook though said that they loved this brush for blush, so I decided to give it a try! And now I really like it!! Here's what it looks like:

This brush has a nice, matte black handle, I don't know what material it's made of, as I couldn't find any information about it on Elf's website, but I can assure you that it feels nice to the touch and looks well made! It's neither a long nor a short (travel size) handle, it's somewhere inbetween, which I find really convinient! You can find the name of the brush printed on the handle in white writing, which is great, especially for beginners! ;)

The actual brush is amazing!!! It's made of synthetic hairs (Taklon to be exact) and it's really soft!! When I first got it and washed it no dye came out and it didn't lose any hairs, which was amazing, considering that this is a face brush and usually face brushes lose a couple of hairs during the first wash! I didn't notice any nasty smell either! It still doesn't shed, which is great, because I hate picking up hairs off my face! Keep in mind that this brush is quite flat and small as you can see in the pictures, so don't expect a big fluffy brush!  

This brush was designed to be used with blush and that's what I use it for! My cheeks are quite big, but not huge, so this brush has the perfect size for me! If you have very big cheeks though this brush will propably be a little bit small for you! Since this is a quite flat brush I'm sure you could use it for contouring as well, as it fits perfectly on the hollows of the cheeks! :)

You can find this great brush online here, but I haven't told you the best part yet! You know what they get what you pay for... Well, that's definitely not the case, as this brush retails for only £3.50, yet it feels and performs like a high-end one! ;) Definitely check it out, you *have* to have this brush!! Trust me and you won't regret it! ;)

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  1. I love this brush! I use it everyday. Its the same as the Sephora but for only $3~ Nice review!

  2. @hanidee yep it's a great brush, I couldn't have asked for more! :) thanks! ;)

  3. ola ta briskeis teleia.... kana review pou na les oti de sou arese den exw dei :)

  4. @Anonymous na evazes k to onomataki su ti oraia pou tha itan! katarxin exw olokliro post me 5 kallyntika pu metaniono pu agorasa k anaferw kiolas giati de mu aresan! k 2on px. sto agapimeno mou primer gia to proswpo (tis elf) anaferw oti de mu aresi h myrodia tu k oti h syskeuasia tu den ine praktiki ! den ta vriskw ola teleia loipon, opote mi sxoliazeis prin ereuniseis! ;) a k epeidi pleon tsekarw para poli sto internet (youtube, blogs ktl) gia o,ti 8elw na agorasw, spania agorazw pramata pu me apogoiteuoun! :)

  5. I have this brush, when i first got it i thought it was too small but now i like it. I think its easier to sculpt with this brush than bigger ones x

  6. @nicoletta as you can see from my review I thought exactly the same thing when I got it! lol ! But now I really like it! :)