Random Tip of the Day 24.08.2010


So, I came up with the idea of regularly posting random tips about makeup and beauty, just because I LOVE tips!! ;) And I love the fact that I can pass on the tips I've learned over the past years to you girls! :) If you already knew the tip I'm sharing or if you used the tip you learned from me, do let me know! ;)

Do you have some cosmetics that you constantly neglect for no reason and you're afraid that they will go bad before you get the chance to use them?Well, simply take some of them with you on vacation instead of taking your staples, that way you'll be "forced" to use them! And who knows? Maybe you'll discover new HGs! ;)

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  1. That's a great tip. I usually give away what I don't use to my friends or my mum but next time I go on holidays I'll be sure to take some stuff I don't use with me so I can get a chance to use them.

  2. Hi Stavroula! I sent you a blogaward from Sweden!

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  3. Heylo! i've tagged you in a "4 things" post! Hope you get to do it!!