Makeup 101 : Eyeshadow Primer Basics


Eyeshadow primers are essential in our makeup routine, especially for those of us who have oily eyelids! I swear by eyeshadow primers, actually I can't wear any eye makeup without them, because nothing lasts on my bare eyelids for more than 2 hours! Apart from that, they also make the eyeshadow colors pop and look  very vibrant! Eyeshadow primers come in a variety of colors / formulations and packagings! So, shall we see the different types of eyeshadow primers? ;)


  • Flesh toned : this is the most common type of eyeshadow primer! Some of these primers are a bit more pigmented and apart from making your eyeshadow last longer, they also cover any veins, dark or red spots you may have on your eyelids, making your eyeshadow show its true color!

  • White : this type of eyeshadow primer isn't very popular, but it's used when you want to make your eyeshadows (especially your colorful ones) appear more vibrant!

  • Shimmery : you can use this type of eyeshadow primer with shimmery eyeshadows to make them pop even more or if you want to make a matte, dull eyeshadow look a bit more interesting, as the shimmers from the eyeshadow primer will still show through the eyeshadow! 


  • Lipgloss tube : this type of packaging is sanitary, because you don't have to dip your fingers into the product, you just apply it directly on your eyelids with the applicator! To make it even more sanitary, you can wipe off the applicator before each use, but you will lose some product that way! This packaging isn't very convinient, because once you've used quite some product, then it's difficult to pick up some with the applicator, because the product tends to stick on the sides of the tube! Yes you could cut it off and scrape off all the remaining primer and put it in a jar, but it's dangerous, because you could get small plastic pieces from the packaging into the primer and you don't want small plastic pieces near/on your eyes, do you?

  • Squeezy tube : this is the best type of packaging, because it's sanitary, since you don't have to dip your fingers into the product, you just squeeze out some of the product and you apply it on your eyelids either with your finger or with a brush! This packaging is convinient too, because you squeeze the product out, so even if it gets stuck on the sides you can use every last bit of it, without having to cut off anything! ;)

  • Lipstick tube : this type of packaging is not extremely sanitary, unless you use a clean brush or freshly washed fingers each time to pick up some product from the tube and apply it on your eyelids! If you apply the product directly on your eyelids, you can transfer germs, bacteria and oil from your eyelids to your primer! This type of packaging is convinient, as you can use every last bit of the product! When you get low on the product, simply scrape off some with a brush, the same you would do with a lipstick! ;)

  • Jar : this type of packaging is not extremely sanitary, unless you use a clean brush each time to pick up some product from the tube and apply it on your eyelids! Even if you use your freshly washed hands to pick up some product and apply it on your eyelids, there are still germs and bacteria under your nails, which could get transferred to your primer if you're not extremely careful ! 

If you have dry eyelids you should use a rich, moisturizing eyeshadow primer, like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which has a heavy consistency! If you have oily eyelids, then choose a drier formula, like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer! People with normal eyelids can use everything! Always make sure to apply a very thin layer of product and spread it nicely and evenly, otherwise your eye makeup will crease really badly! Less is more! ;) You can also use cream eyeshadows, cream/gel eyeliners or pencil eyeliners as an eyeshadow primer, especially if you don't have oily eyelids! ;)

I hope that you enjoyed my sixth Makeup 101 and that you found it helpful somehow! See you in my next Makeup 101! ;)

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  1. i have Urban Decay in Eden i love the packaging, i wish the product was a shade darker though

  2. Thanks for doing that, I didnt know about what one works with which eye type. I have the urban decay one and oily lids so nice knowing I have the right one! Going to try the elf mineral one next I think :)

  3. @Sassy what's Eden like? I've only seen Sin!

    @Enigma the elf mineral one is very nice! :) I haven't tried the UDPP though, so I can't compare them!

  4. Thumbs up for another Makeup 101, they are so useful!! I have tried the Artdeco jar, the ELF studio primer and liner and the ELF primer from the basic line; the last one is my favorite so far. I don't like the Artdeco jar packaging because I hate dipping my nails in the product and with a brush the application isn't smooth. It's pretty thick so it needs the warmth of your finger to blend in.

  5. @Aru thanks sweetie :)

    @Natalie I'm so glad you find my makeup 101 useful ! :) yeah you're so right about the artdeco one, I love it though! :)

  6. greta post stav!!! So information and helpful :D

  7. What a useful and throughout post about primers. I always use a primer whever I wear eyeshadows or they would crease and fade pretty soon on me. I don't have a favourite though as all the ones I tried worked pretty much the same in helping my makeup stay put all day.

  8. @Hannah thank you so much girl :)

    @gio hihihi thanks :) I can't live without an eyeshadow primer! :)

  9. The NYX Eyeshadow Base is a must for me if I want my e/s to last (could even do without primer but not the other way round). I love it! However, isn't eyeshadow base different from primer?

  10. @Isabel you're right! ;) I personally consider them to be the same because they do the same job for me, keeping my eyeshadow in place! I have a product named eyeshadow primer and another one named eyeshadow base and they work the same! lol ! Eyeshadow bases however are supposed to make your eyeshadows appear more vibrant! :) Thanks for the comment! :) Follow my blog if you want! :)