Summer 2010 makeup looks from Seventeen Cosmetics!

These are the looks from Seventeen Cosmetics for the summer of 2010! I scanned the pictures from their catalogue! Enjoy! ;)

What do think of them? :) I really like the first one and the last 2 looks! ;)

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  1. The first one is great for summer! *-* I might try to reproduce it..thanks!!! ^_^


  2. @Aru awwww nice!!! let me know if you try it! ;)

  3. @Sarah they've come up with really beautiful looks in the past, this catalogue wasn't very successful ! I really like the first look though! :) I'll try to find older looks from this company and upload them here! :)

  4. It might just be me ... but i think they all look a bit old fashioned for a seventeen mag? We don't get 17 in the uk but i do watch Americas Next top model Religiously and i get the idea of the mag.
    I really like the one with Green eyes/nails , but the rest looked a bit... bad hairsalon catalog ?

  5. @Addict Seventeen Cosmetics is a Greek brand, it's got nothing to do with the brand you mentioned! The hairstyles on this catalogue are really bad, I have to agree with you!

  6. Ahhh ha i see , i will have to look in to that then. do they have a web site? x

  7. @Addict sure :) it's this one:

  8. Is it just me or Radiant cosmetics has far better looks in the last 2-3 catalogues than Seventeen? I like the fact that they added another model but still...

  9. @Natalie nope, it's not just you!! Radiant's last catalogue is GORGEOUS!! I love every single look in there!

    Seventeen's latest catalogue (this one right here) is horrible! The hairstyles are so bad, so old-fashioned.. Only the first look has a nice hairstyle! And the makeup looks aren't great either! :/

    Thanks for commenting! ;)