Review & Swatches : Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Yes, yes, yes... more bronzers! LOL! It's summer and I got requests for bronzer reviews, what can I do? ;) So, this time I'll review the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 2 different shades, 021 Sun Light and 027 Sun Dance! 

As always we'll start with the packaging! These bronzers come in a plain, yet cute plastic bronze-y packaging with a clear cap, which is great, because you can see the color inside! Some people might not find it cute, but I do! It feels sturdy, I mean you don't have the feeling that it's gonna break or something! Here's what it looks like:

You twist the cap off and then you get this, it's a really simple packaging:

The one on the left is Sun Light and the one on the right is Sun Dance! Both bronzers are a bit powdery (nothing over the top though), but I feel like Sun Dance is a bit more powdery than Sun Light! They both blend easily and last pretty long on my oily skin! Sun Light is matte, while Sun Dance is quite shimmery! I know the picture didn't pick that up, that's why I took a picture with flash as well:

There you go! Now you can definitely see the shimmer in Sun Dance, it's quite subtle though! Both bronzers are gorgeous, but Sun Light is my fave just because it's matte! Here's a swatch of both colors in natural daylight, the colors are packed on and unblended as always:

As you can see Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light is darker than Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 01 and NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny, but lighter than Milani Powder Bronzer in Light ! :)

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Dance is slightly darker than Sun Light, but their main difference is the shimmer and the fact that Sun Dance has a slight golden undertone!

I think both bronzers are definitely worth trying! They retail for about $5-6 each and you get 14g of product, which is a very generous amount! They will last you a long time, since they're pigmented and you don't need to use a lot of product! I got mine off Ebay, but it's very easy to find Rimmel in the UK, since it's a UK brand based in London! Definitely check Rimmel out, they have fab products at great prices! :) You can find more info on their official website !

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  1. These look nice! I would say be careful with them though, as I have a maybelline one in a similar container, and this is the second one I have had thats broken! Its not major, I can still use it, but its annoying! I am loving your bronzer reviews, I think come summertime we all get a little obsessed with them!
    Anna x


  2. @Anna oh really? :( I hope this won't happen to my Rimmel ones! :/ I'm so glad you love my bronzer reviews! :D

  3. Every new bronzer review by you is a new product in my to-buy list! lol! I like the matte one. Did you buy all the bronzers from UK ebay? How much was the shipping cost?

  4. @Natalie I'm a bad influence, I know! lol! Some of my bronzers were from UK and some from USA! tell me exactly which bronzers you want, so that I can check how much they were and how much was the shipping cost! :)

  5. Very helpful. Thanks! Melissa