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This is such a cute palette! It's from Elf's Studio and it's called Shimmer Palette! I've had it for quite a few months, but I didn't use it all this time, because if you have oily skin like me it propably won't work for you, it won't last, as it's a creamy product! Plus girls with oily skin have their own highlighter (aka shine), they don't need another one! lol ! But I recently discovered my beloved Revlon Colorstay foundation that keeps my matte for about 7-8, so now I could finally use this palette!

The packaging is the typical Studio Line black sleek one that feels nice and sturdy! Again, like with all Studio Line products, I love the packaging, because it's matte, it doesn't get dirty and it looks so expensive, although it's not! Here's what the Shimmer Palette looks like:

When you open it up you get a mirror, which isn't as big as the one in the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, because you get a little window, where you can see the actual product from! You also get 4 different shades of creamy highlighter, which weigh 5.6g in total, and a small flat synthetic brush that's good quality! Here's what they look like:

Starting from the left you get a white-ish, a peachy, a kinda beige and a pink highlighter! Here are some swatches in natural daylight, the peachy and the beige in the middle look identical, but they're not! The beige highlighter has golden undertones, whereas I can see a liiiiittle bit of pink in the peachy one :

As always the colors are packed on and unblended for the sake of taking the picture! The consistency is really nice and creamy and it blends really easily! Be careful though, don't put on too much, because it can crease, especially if you have oily skin! Since all 4 colors are pigmented you don't need to use a lot anyway! None of the highlighters contain shimmer or glitter, they just leave a nice sheen!

You can apply them on your face (as you would with any highlighter) or on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them up! You can also use them as base for your powder highlighters if you want them to last longer! I find that the best way to apply them is with your finger, at least that's what I do, but you can definitely use a brush too! Just make sure to use a brush made of synthetic hairs, because natural haired brushes tend to soak up a lot of product! The brush that comes with it can be used only to apply any of the highlighters on the inner corner of your eyes, you can't use it to apply the highlighters on your face!

Since these highlighters are pigmented they will last you a long time! ;) You can buy this cute palette online here and it retails for only £3.50! Check it out girls! ;) Oops I forgot to mention that these highlighters don't have any scent!! I usually forget to mention anything about the scent of the products I review, because generally scents don't bother me, unless they're too intense! ;) Hehe! :)

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