Review & Swatches : Elf Mineral Blushes (2 shades)

These are such nice blushes! :) I've had them for a while and since several girls on Elf's Fanpage on Facebook were asking about them, I thought I should do a review on them!

We'll start with the packaging of course! These blushes come in a clear plastic lightweight jar with a sifter and a black cap ! Inside the packaging you get a generous amount of product, 3.5g ! Here's what the packaging looks like (click on pictures for larger view) :

And here's what it looks like when you take the black cap off:

Did you notice that I haven't removed the white sticker but I have opened a few holes with a pin? Do that to avoid mess!! If you remove the sticker, you won't be able to control the quantity of product you get out of the holes and you'll have blush all over the packaging!

On to the actual product now! The blush itself is very finely milled and soft like velvet! It's almost matte, don't worry there's no shimmer or glitter in it, but it's not a flat matte finish either! It blends easily and it lasts pretty long on my oily cheeks! However I've never used it on bare skin, I always have some type of powder or foundation underneath it, whether it's liquid or mineral, so I have no idea how it performs on bare skin!

The 2 colors I have are the most pigmented out of the mineral line in my opinion! I have Rose and Plum ! Here's what they look like on my bare skin in natural daylight, they're packed on and unblended, so that you can see the colors, you won't apply them like that on your cheeks lol :

Rose isn't actually a rosy color as you would expect judging from the name! It's more of a pinky coral, which makes it a great versatile color! :) Plum however is exactly what the name indicates, it's a gorgeous plummy color! Since they're both really pigmented keep a light hand with them! You can use a duo-fibre (stippling) brush to apply them, because these brushes don't pick up a lot of color! :)

These pretty mineral babies will last you for ever, since a little goes a long way, plus they're only £3.50 !! How great is that?? I don't think I will ever use them up! lol ! You can purchase them online here and become a fan of their facebook fanpage if you want, because they offer free shipping very often (every 1,000 new fans) and it's so much fun in general, I've learned a lot of things from the girls there! :)

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  1. I love the Rose shade, will be on my next order, thanks for the swatches :)

  2. @Melly I'm glad I could help! :) The Plum one is gorgeous for fall/winter! :)

  3. I've never tried plum colors, always thought they wouldn't suit me as I'm super pale. Dunno :D

  4. @Melly I think you should try one, if you don't try you won't know! :) Just use a light hand with this particular blush! :)

    btw are you a follower of my blog? because I can see on your blogger profile that you follow my blog, but I can't see you among my followers! :/