Review : Rimmel Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzing Powder in 002 Sun Goddess

This is a huge, gigantic bronzer!! Seriously.. it's the biggest bronzer I've ever seen so far! And it's beautiful too! I really like this bronzer!

Ok, let's start with the packaging, which is a huge bronze-y compact made of plastic with a clear lid, which is great, because you can see the color inside! It's a simple compact, but it feels nice and sturdy! Now it's the time to scare you with a picture of it lol (click on the pic for larger view...yeah to scare you even more!) :

When you open it up you get a beautiful bronzer with a pretty sun pattern on it! Isn't that cute?

On to the actual product now! This bronzer is a bit powdery (nothing over the top though), but hey it's a pressed powder product, it can't be finely milled like a loose powder product! On the back of the compact it says "Shimmering bronzer to illuminate your face and body with a sunkissed glow"... Either I'm blind or Rimmel did a mistake with this bronzer's description, because it's a matte one, I don't see any shimmer or glitter in the pan or when I use it! Since it's matte it's great for contouring, it blends easily and it lasts pretty long on my oily skin!  Here's a swatch in natural daylight:

As you can see it has just a little bit of glow when heavily swatched, but on my face it doesn't have any glow, it's matte! Although it looks dark and scary in the pan, it's actually a nice medium color! I really like it, especially for a light dusting all over the face! :)

I got this bronzer off Ebay for about £4 and I don't know if it's still available in stores, because I couldn't find it on Rimmel's official website! If you can get your hands on it, definitely buy it! I forgot to tell you that you get 23g (!!!) of product! ;)

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    this is rimmels official site .... but greece is not on the countries list to choose? do you get it over there? If not and theres anything your interested in let me know , id be happy to swap :P XXX

  2. @Addict when I copy/paste the link you gave me and press Enter, I get the web address I mentioned in my post! lol ! ;) Nope we don't get Rimmel here... :/ that sucks!!! :/ Awww thank you, you're so sweet! ;) I'll keep that in mind! ;)

  3. :( when i click the link in your post ... just takes me to the uk site :S oh dear :(
    No probs tho :) rimmel is fantastic for drugstore/bargain make up so thats a real shame :(

  4. @Addict really? :/ oh well let me correct the link then lol! ;) Yeah I have several Rimmel products (God bless Ebay lol) and I really like them!! :)