Review : Rimmel Sun Shimmer Duo Bronzing Powder in 002 Brunette

Back to my bronzer series! You thought I forgot about it? No, no my dears! :) This time I'll review Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Duo Bronzing Powder in 002 Brunette! This is a nice, yet quite rarely used bronzer! I'll let you know why in a minute! :)

As always we'll start with the packaging! This bronzer comes in a cute plastic bronzey packaging with a clear lid! I love the clear lid, because you can see the color of the bronzer inside without having to open it! It's a simple compact, but it's nice and sturdy! :) Here's what it looks like:

When you open it up you get a beautiful bronzer with 2 colors and the lighter of the colors forms a sun pattern! Very pretty, huh? :) I look staring at it! lol

On to the actual product now! This bronzer is quite finely milled and really soft, it feels almost like velvet! It's not powdery like some other bronzers I have! It blends really easily and it lasts well on my oily skin! On the back of the product it says "Duo Bronzing Powder", so nothing weird about it ! I wouldn't use this all over my face or for contouring, as it has an obvious sheen (no shimmer or glitter though) and I have oily skin, so I don't need more shine on my face! If you have oily skin and you apply this all over the face you will look quite shiny! I apply it on the apples of my cheeks for some bronzey color with a nice glow! If you have normal to dry skin you might be able to use it all over the face, but please use it quite sparingly! Here's another pic of this bronzer :

It definitely looks shimmery and scary in the pan! When you swatch it though it's not shimmery, it just has a sheen, a more intense sheen than my other bronzers, that's why I don't use it very often! The color is gorgeous though!! It's a beautiful bronzey color that's not dark or orange! My other bronzers are mostly golden colored, this one is more of a light chocolate brown! I love it! Here's an unblended swatch of it in natural daylight:

See? When swatched it doesn't look all shimmery and scary like it looks in the pan! :) I think this bronzer is not available at stores anymore, because I couldn't find it on Rimme's official website ! I got mine off Ebay for about £4 and you get 10g of product, which is a good amount, since this bronzer is pigmented and you don't need a lot of it, so it will last you a long time! If you can get your hands on it definitely get it! It's completely different than most of the bronzers I have! :) Oh I forgot to mention that there's also a lighter version of this bronzer called 001 Blonde, which is quite light! :)

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  1. Nice review and nice bronzer. :-) I just love bronzers, have plenty of them and i still don't have enough! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the review. The bronzer is too cute. The color looks very nice too.

  3. @makeupfan isn't it very pretty? :) I love bronzers too! :)

    @gio awwww thank you :) I'm glad you liked it! I love the sun pattern on this bronzer! :)