Review : Revlon LE Bare Bronze Face Powder

Continuing with our bronzer series, it's time to review this baby! It's a LE (Limited Edition) product called Bare Bronze Face Powder and it's by Revlon!

The packaging of this bronzer is simple, yet cute! It comes in a black plastic compact with a clear lid, which is very convinient, because you can see the color of the product that's inside without having to open it! ;) The compact is nice and sturdy, you don't have the feeling that it's gonna break anytime soon! Here's what it looks like: 

When you open it up you get the bronzer with gorgeous patterns on it, which I've ruined, because I've used it and swatched it!

The actual product is quite finely milled and soft! It blends easily and it stays pretty well on my oily skin! Keep in mind that this bronzer has a lot of shimmer, but only on the top layer! So, you might wanna use the top layer as highlighter rather than as bronzer! The rest of the bronzer definitely has a sheen, but it's not shimmery! This bronzer is quite light, so it would work well on people with fair/light skin! If you have darker skin you could still use it as a highlighter! Since it has a sheen I wouldn't use it all over my face, because I have oily skin! You can use it all over your face if you have normal to dry skin, but use it sparingly! Here's another picture of this bronzer:

You can definitely see the shimmery top layer on the edges of the compact! Here's an unblended swatch of this bronzer in natural daylight:

Since this was a LE bronzer (I have no idea when it came out) you have to search online for it! I got mine off Ebay for about £5 and you get 10g of product, which will last you a long time, since it's pigmented! So, if you can find it online definitely get it! :)

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  1. i love Revlon! this bronzer looks nice for contouring.. a new follower here!

  2. @Shopcoholic I love Revlon too! :) It's one of my fave brands!! :) My HG foundation and my HG lipgloss are from Revlon!! I have some of their stuff, but I want to try more! :)

    You're welcome and thank you so much for following my blog! Seeing you have over 500 followers (so you're quite popular and good at what you're doing) means a lot to me! ;)

  3. Thanks for the review. I love bronzers but because my skin is very pale it's hard to find something that doesn't look too dark or muddy on me. But if this is suitable for fair skin as well I'll see if I can find it online.

  4. @makeupfan it's pretty :)

    @gio I'd suggest Elf Studio Line Warm Bronzer, it's perfect!! I'm quite pale and this doesn't look dark or muddy on me! I've already reviewed this on my blog! :) Also Stila Bronzer in Shade 01 is great ( has it on sale for 9Euros now and free shipping), I've reviewed this one too! ;)