Review : Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzer (2 shades)

Description taken from Physicians Formula official website :

·         Delivers maximum SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and provides the warmth and luminosity of a natural tan glow.
·         Protects- SPF Boosters and Mineral-based sunscreens provide SPF 50 protection without residue or greasiness.
·         Prevents- Potent antioxidant blend helps prevent future UV damage and premature signs of aging.
·         Restores-Licorice Extract & Tomato Derivatives help brighten skin and diminish the appearance of sun spots.

I'm really impressed with this product, it's my first Physicians Formula product ever! Everybody knows I have oily skin, so I wanted to avoid facial sunscreen in a creamy form, because sunscreens make me shiny and more oily! I just can't stand them, but I still want some protection for my face! I was looking for sunscreen in powder form to use while I'm in the city (I would still use creamy sunscreen while at the beach) and a girl at a beauty blog suggested the Shiseido one, but come on.. it's almost 34Euros (around $43) ! That's so expensive for just a powder with some sunscreen in it! So, I was really excited when I found out that Physicians Formula had a powder bronzer with SPF 50!!!

First of all I love the packaging!! It comes in a rather big bronzey compact, which I don't mind being big, because it's sooo cute!! It has a pink ribbon on the top of the packaging, I have no idea what its purpose is, but I like it! :) Here's what it looks like:

With flash

Without flash

When you open it up you get the bronzer with Healthy Wear engraved on it and a nice mirror! Cute! :) I love compacts that come with a mirror!

If you flip the part that holds the bronzer you get a quite small brush, which I don't use! If you're used to apply your powder with a sponge, then you could throw this brush away and put a sponge in there! ;) I personally carry a retractable powder brush in case I need to re-apply it!

Ok, time for the actual product now! First of all I own 2 shades, Fair and Medium and to be honest they don't look like bronzers to me (and I'm quite light), Fair is like a skin tone powder on me, which isn't bad at all actually, because I wanted to use this as a powder anyway! Medium is just a bit darker, but I can still wear it as a powder! If you're fair though you can definitely use these as bronzers, but don't expect any dramatic effect from them! They will give you just a bit of color, so they're practically fool-proof! The powder itself is quite finely milled and soft, but not crambly! It blends easily and it lasts quite well on my oily skin! :) Fair is totally matte in the pan/swatched/on your face, while Medium is a bit shimmery in the pan/swatched, but I don't see any shimmer on my face when I apply it! :) Here are some unblended swatches in natural daylight (you can't see much of a difference really between the 2 shades), Fair is on the left and Medium is on the right :

This stuff does protect your face!! A few days ago I was out in the sun for about 2-3 hours running for errands and I wore a tank top, no body sunscreen applied (yeah I know, bad me!!) ! I didn't get burned, but I turned just a tiny bit red, which turned into brown the next day! I wore Fair bronzer on my face, no hat on to protect me from the sun (I don't really wear hats to be honest), just my sunglasses ( which are kinda big lol )! So, guess what? No red face, no burned face, nothing!! :D :D :D I freaking love this bronzer!!! And it's lightweight, so you can definitely apply another thin layer for extra protection after an hour or so! :)

Here's what it says on the box that it came in: hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, non irritating, dermatologist approved, non comedogenic and oil free! It definitely didn't irritate my skin or clog my pores! It also didn't accentuate the dry skin around my mouth and on the sides of my nose, which is really great! On the box it also says that it's long-wearing, perspiration-resistant and water-resistant! The first 2 claims are definitely true, I have no idea about the 3rd one though, as I don't wear makeup at the beach or anywhere near water, so I haven't tested out whether these bronzers are water-resistant or not!

These babies retail for $15 in the USA for 10.4g of product, which isn't bad, considering that the Shiseido product costs around $43!! I found mine on Ebay for $6.99 each plus $7 for shipping from the USA to Greece! Great deal !! :D I'm trying to find the powder foundation and the tinted moisturizer from the same line, but all the sellers I've found don't ship to Greece! :( If anybody knows where I can find them, please let me know!! Anyway, DEFINITELY try this product if you can find it! I think it's a must have, especially for people with oily skin! Great job Physicians Formula!! ;)

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  1. Looks good actually, specially that fair one. Its such a pity ELF cant sell the powdered sunscreen they have in America. Would be really good! My skin sounds similar to yours in terms of being oily so think that I need a powdered protector so I dont look like a oil slick:p At the moment though I dont really go out too much lol!

  2. @Enigma you can get elf's loose powder to use at home and something like physicians formula bronzer for touchups! ;) I can't use cream/liquid sunscreen, it makes me look like an oil slick and it's sticky too! I'm definitely getting elf's powder when they'll bring it in! :)

  3. @Sarah they're cute and they protect you! :) you can get somebody to buy it for you from the USA along with UD Naked Palette! ;)

  4. I have this in the lightest shade and I like it. I just wish it was actually pale enough for me. I have to tweak it with a white foundation to lighten it up. However, I looove the SPF it has :> AND the orange and pink packagiing is super cute.

  5. @Phyrra yeah I can see that the Fair one is not light enough for you, since I'm darker than you and it suits me perfectly! :) the SPF 50 is amazing!! :)

  6. lolz actually my fiance lives in states ;) i might ask him to pick these up on his next trip along with many other goodies .:P

  7. i recently bought a Maybelline one, but it made my skin completly break out,

    i've never seen any products from physicians formula in France, i guess i can find it on ebay though :o

    i think that this bronzer will be the next one that i'll buy :) thank you for the review !


  8. @Lily we don't get Physicians Formula in Greece either, Ebay is the only way! lol ! This bronzer with SPF50 is great! :)

  9. Iiiiiiiii ti omorfo pou einaiiiiii (a la zoumpoulia tou para5 :p)!!
    Eeeeeeeeeeek this is gorgeous!

  10. @Ria LOOOOOL!!!! yes it's gorgeous!! <3 such cute packaging!