Review : L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream +cleanPod (aka Scrublet)

Yes yes, I'm going to talk about the infamous Scrublet!! I've watched so many youtube videos with girls raving about the Scrublet and I was so frustrated that I couldn't get it here in Greece!! But guess what... about 2 weeks ago I was at Hondos Center (big store that carries both high-end and drugstore cosmetics, as well as beauty accessories, like makeup sponges, nail stuff, hair stuff etc) and I saw this L'Oreal face cleanser that came with a scrublet!!! Woohoooo!!! So, of course I had to have it! Here's what it looks like:

The white thing that L'Oreal calls cleanPod, but it's known as scrublet, pops off! Yay there's a hole in your face cleanser! lol ! Just kidding! :)

As you can see this particular cleanser is for dry and sensitive skin! My skin isn't dry (actually it's oily, but I have some dry patches), but it's definitely sensitive, that's why I chose this one! So far there are two more types of cleanser, one for combo/oily skin in a green tube and one from the Pure Zone line for acne prone skin in a white tube! If you've read my 5 things I regret buying you can imagine the horror on my face when I saw the Pure Zone one!! lol ! I've seen in youtube videos that there's also a gentle exfoliating cleanser in an orange tube, but I suppose we haven't gotten it in Greece yet! :(

I've used the cleanser for 10 days (not constantly though) and it's very gentle, it hasn't irritated my skin! Usually face cleansers, if they were meant to irritate my skin, they irritate it the first time I use it! It also doesn't make my face oily, although it's for dry skin! It leaves my skin fresh, clean and moisturized, no tight feeling, no dryness! I love using it especially when I feel like I need to wash my face for the second time during the day (I usually wash my face only once a day), because it's gentle! :) It hasn't broken me out, but in general I don't break out from products, so don't count on me on the break out part!

Now on to the star of this packaging, the scrublet!!! It's a round plastic spikey thing, but don't be scared! It's very soft and flexible and it doesn't feel rough or scratchy on your skin! It's so gentle that you can use it everyday! Here's what it looks like:

But wait... how do you use this?? You can either pour your cleanser on the scrublet and then gently massage it on your face or you can apply your cleanser directly on your face and then massage your face again with the scrublet! This little guy makes my skin feel so clean and soft! :) And I love the fact that you need less product when using the scrublet than you would need if you used your hands to wash your face! And if you're like me and your usual face cleanser costs almost 20EUR (around $25) you want to make the most out of it!

This plastic tube holds 150ml of product and it costs about 5.50EUR in Greece! Since you don't need a lot, especially if you're using the scrublet with it, it will last you a long time! :) Check it out and let me know what you think! ;)

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  1. This is nice thing, i have it too but blue one for oily skin. :-)

  2. @makeupfan I love, love, love the scrublet!! ;) there's a blue one too? I gotta check soon, maybe we'll get the orange one!! :)

  3. I have the orange one and quite like it. The scrublet thing though really feels weird, especially when its wet!

  4. @Enigma I haven't been able to find the orange one here in Greece :( I love the scrublet, it feels so nice!! :D

  5. Is this the same as the Go360 clean from the US? I have the blue for sensitive sking and LOVE it. I also have the orange exfoliation one but haven't tried it.

  6. I think so Lindsay! :) I hate it so much that companies release different versions of the same product in the USA and in Europe! It's so confusing!