Review : Artdeco Perfect Color Lipstick Nr. 42 Desired Rose

One of my lovely followers, Natalie, requested a review on Artdeco Perfect Color Lipstick Nr. 42 Desired Rose, so I'll do a review on it, although it's a winter-y color! :) 

I'll start with the packaging of course! This lipstick comes in an amazing sleek black packaging that looks so expensive! It could be easily passed for a high-end packaging, as it looks expensive and it's so sturdy! There's nothing cheap about it! Here's what it looks like (click on the pics for larger view) :

The actual product is a smooth lipstick that leaves a satin finish, meaning it's neither matte nor shiny, it's something inbetween! There's no shimmer or glitter in this lipstick and you get great pigmentation! This lipstick is moisturizing and it doesn't leave my lips cracked and flaky, so I can definitely wear it without any lip balm underneath! The shade I got is called Desired Rose, although this is actually a deep mauve shade with hints of burgundy! So, why they call this shade Desired Rose is beyond me! Here's a swatch:

Since this is a quite dark and pigmented lipstick it's not so easy to get a subtle color out of it, but you can tone it down with a lighter gloss over it! This lipstick lasts pretty long on my lips, but you will have to re-apply it throughout the day, since it's not a long wearing lipstick!

The scent of this lipstick is kind of weird, it's not the typical old-fashioned lipstick smell, but it's definitely weird! I would describe it as kind of spicey, although it's hard to describe what it smells like! However you can't smell it anymore once it's on your lips, so it's not a big problem! :)

I think it was about 8-9EUR, but I can't remember exactly, as it's been over 1 year since I bought it! It comes in 52 different shades and I'd love to try a nude-pink shade from this line! :) You can check out the shades here !

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  1. Thanks honey! I've tried an Artdeco lipgloss and liked it. This lipstick looks really good, too! Thanks for commenting on smell, I can't put on a lip product if I don't like the smell. Hope this didn't sound weird but, hey, it'll be right under my nose! lol!!

  2. @Natalie no problem! ;) Go at the store and smell it before you buy it! ;) I can't smell it once it's on my lips! :)