Recent tiny haul 19.07.2010 !

I was at the mall on Monday to get some movie tickets for Eclipse, so I took the opportunity to buy some clothes and 3 beauty products too (the boyfriend wasn't very happy about it, but he couldn't say no anyway lol) ! So, here are my 3 beauty products (as always click on the picture for larger view), I might do a post about the clothes that I got too in case you're interested, just let me know :

Different lighting :)

I got a Seventeen Super Shine Nail Polish in Nr. 262, which is a quite dark purple with blue-ish undertones, an Erre Due Exclusive Nail Polish in Nr. 126, which is an amazing turqoise color and an Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil in Nr. 74, which is a quite vibrant purple with blue-ish undertones! I love purple with blue-ish undertones, it looks great on me, and I've never tried a turqoise or an Erre Due nail polish before, so I'm really excited to try it out!! :)

If you want swatches/review on these let me know! ;) Did you notice that none of the items I got has a name, just numbers? That's so annoying!!

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  1. im going to go watch eclipse tomorrow for my birthday wii!

  2. Seventeen nail polishes are not my fav but erre due ones are far better! Love the colours, so summery!

  3. @Natalie I don't know why people don't like Seventeen nail polishes, they work just fine on me! :) That turqoise nail polish must be gorgeous on the nails! :)