Makeup 101: Blush


Blush is another essential step in our makeup routine! I know some people don't wear foundation or bronzer, but I haven't heard anybody not wearing blush! Blush gives us that healthy, glowy look that you get after running for a while in the fresh air and it also gives our face some color back after all that foundation, concealer and powder! Blushes come in a variety of formulas, so you'll definitely find the one that's right for your skintype! I personally love blushes!!! :) So, let's see the different formulas that are offered in the blushes market:

  • Powder Blush : This is the most popular type of blush and it comes in a compact, so it's easy to carry around! It's suitable for all skintypes, but it's ideal for people with oily skin, because it doesn't make you look more oily, since it's a powder! Powder blushes are either matte or shimmery, so if you have oily or problematic skin choose a matte one (shimmer accentuates oiliness, pimples,scars etc) and if your skin is fine choose a shimmery one! Its staying power is good and to apply this type of blush you can use either a typical blush brush or a stippling brush in case you have a very pigmented blush, since stippling brushes don't pick up a lot of product!

  • Mineral Blush : This is one of the newest formulas in the blush market and it has become quite popular already! It's in a loose powder form and it comes in a jar (usually with a sifter), so it can be quite messy if you're not careful when applying it ! This type of blush is suitable for all skintypes, even the most sensitive ones can use this, as it's gentle to your skin! Mineral cosmetics in general are really good for your skin, because they’re enriched with lots of minerals that are beneficial for the skin and they usually don’t contain parabens, all kinds of chemicals, dyes etc! Plus some of these minerals combat ageing, moisturize and firm the skin etc. ! Mineral blushes are so lightweight that you can layer them if you want and their staying power is quite good! The best way to apply them is using a typical blush brush!

  • Cream Blush : This type of blush comes in a compact or in a lipstick type of tube, so it's great to carry around, and it usually provides a nice, glowy finish, so it's ideal for people with dry skin, especially during the cold winter months, since it's a cream product and it doesn't make your skin look flaky and even more dry than it already is! People with oily skin can use it too, but it would be best to top it off with a powder blush, otherwise it will make you look more oily and it won't last that long! You can apply cream blushes either with a blush brush or with your fingers! Actually I prefer my fingers to apply cream blushes, because the warmth of your skin will make the product softer and easier to blend! Always make sure to blend the product into your skin really well, otherwise it will look too obvious and fake, and to wash your hands before applying it in case you choose your fingers to do that, as you don't want to contaminate your cream blush!

  • Mousse Blush : This type of blush is quite new as well, but it has become popular ! It usually comes in a glass jar, so it's not that easy to carry it around! Mousse blushes are so airy and lightweight that are ideal for most skintypes and they feel great on the skin, especially in the summer, because we don't want heavy formulas on our skin when it's hot! Usually this type of blush provides a quite shimmery finish, so if you have oily or problematic skin you might have to be careful, as shimmery blushes tend to accentuate oiliness, pimples, scars etc. ! The lasting power of mousse blushes is quite nice and you can apply them with a stippling brush or your fingers! Both methods work equally well and the stippling brush method is much more sanitary, as you don't have to dip your fingers anywhere!

  • Gel Blush : Gel blushes usually come in a squeeze tube (like the one in the picture on the left) and they're quite new as well ! They're suitable for most skintypes and their lasting power is pretty good! You have to be very careful with application though, because it can look streaky very easily! The best way to apply this type of blush is with your fingers on bare, moisturized skin and blending it with some facial moisturizer for a natural glow! Make sure to apply it evenly too, otherwise it will look kinda weird and flaky and don't apply it over dry products (face powder for example), because it will look streaky! So, this type of blush is quite tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it gives a beautiful glowy look to your cheeks! :)

I hope that you enjoyed my fifth Makeup 101 and that you found it helpful somehow! See you in my next Makeup 101! ;)

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  1. I love blushes, they are my the most favorite makeup items! :-D

  2. @makeupfan I love them too!! :D maybe I should start a blush series once I finish my bronzer series! lol !

  3. You definitely should, i'd like to see your blush collection. :-))

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