FOTD : 10.07.2010

Here's my FOTD (Face Of The Day) from last night! Me, my boyfriend and his sister went out for dinner and then for a drink, so I did some darker eye makeup than my previous FOTDs! Dark brown eyeshadow all over the lid with black eyeliner on the upper lashline and some teal/turqoise eyeliner on the lower lashline! I personally love the way it turned out! I'm not so happy with the pictures, but anyway... I hope you enjoy! :)

This first pic was taken in my bathroom, so the lighting isn't that great!

This is the most decent pic I took of myself looking down, so that you can see the eye makeup! I know I look like a weirdo lol ! My lashes look HUGE, super long and full in this pic o_o lol !

I look guilty in this pic, don't I? looool

Yay happy!! :-)

So, what did I use to create this simple, yet fun look?

  • Rosewater (toner)
  • Avene Matifying Fluid Moisturizer
  • Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in 180 Sand Beige
  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 40 Soft Plum
  • Elf Mineral Booster
  • Radiant Professional Eyeshadow Base
  • Milani Eyeshadow Quad in Dream Baby (bottom right e/s)
  • Elf Studio Line Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Oriflame Visions Naughty Eyes Mascara in Club Diva (black)
  • Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil in 01 black (top)
  • Erre Due Silky Eye Pencil in 11 teal/turqoise (bottom)
  • Elf Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in Dark (for my eyebrows)
  • Stila Lip Glaze in "Ulta" Mate Pink
Tools used
  • Elf Powder Brush (for foundation)
  • Avene Thermal Water (to wet the powder brush)
  • Sigma SS188 Brush (to apply mousse blush)
  • Sigma SS150 Brush (to apply mineral booster)
  • Elf Professional Eyeshadow Brush (to apply eyeshadow)
  • Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler

I love the combination of brown and teal or turqoise, I think it looks so summery! :) I'm re-organizing my room in the next few days, so no cropped pics from now on! :) ( I'm cropping them, so that you can't see the mess around me lol ) ! I'm hoping to use more than 1 eyeshadow next time, I need more practice! :) 

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  1. Lovely look!
    How did you resist the bronzer though? :p

    Anna x


  2. @Anna awww thank you :) I didn't have time to play around, I need to start doing some contouring! :) I've never tried it! lol

  3. @Anna btw how you do include in your post a clickable link to your blog? :)

  4. I can send you the code you need to use! email me at and I'll reply with it! If i paste it here, it will just make a link!
    Anna x

  5. I agree! Turqoise and brown looks fab. It's a winner for summer!

  6. @Anna yay!!!! thanks!!!! :D *mwah*

    @mamma try it too!! you have green eyes, so it will look great! :)

  7. Love teal and brown as well - looks great on you with your eyes :)

    Like the hair as well :)


  8. @Martian awwww thank you :) the hair was a bit crazy last night, but I didn't bother to tame it, it was too hot lol !

  9. Crazy is great ! Crazy is young ! Crazy is wild ! Crazy is THE best !


  10. hi stavroula :) You look great here and your right your eyes are INCREDIBLY Long lol Still loving your posts :)
    @anna dont suppose you could email me the code *instructions* too? Im rubbish with HTML


  11. I love the look! :-D And you look so happy! :-))

  12. @Addict awww thanks :D my eyes aren't long, I've just done a kind of winged eyeliner! ;)

    @makeupfan thanks honey! :)

    you're all so sweet! :)

  13. Λολ
    Ακατάστατο πλάσμα!
    Και εγώ λατρεύω τιρκουάζ και καφέ το καλοκαίρι. Είσαι πολύ γλυκούλι και δείχνεις μικρότερη από 26. Καλό δεν είναι αυτο?! Σαν εμένα που είμαι 30 και δείχνω 24... έτσι λένε τουλάχιστον χιχι

  14. you loook so gorgeous , teal pencil look really nice on you and you got such pretty pretty smile :D

  15. The makeup is soooo prettyyy!! And omg your smile literally makes me jealous! Only if I had my legoes like that : DDD

  16. @Marianna αμάν μωρέ, αφήστε με στην ακαταστασία μου!!! χαχαχαχα!!!! σε παρακαλώ... μπορεί να γίνεται χαμός στο δωμάτιο, αλλά τα καλλυντικά, αρώματα, βερνίκια νυχιών κτλ. είναι σούπερ τακτοποιημένα! ;) χιχιχι (χαριτωμένο γέλιο λολ), σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ! καλέ ούτε εσύ δείχνεις 30! είμαστε τυχερές!! :) άσχετο, αν έχεις facebook κάνε με add αν θες, Stavroula Plag είμαι γραμμένη! ;)

    @Sarah awww thanks gorgeous!! :) I love teal!! :D

    @Melly hehe thanks, I'm trying my best!! :) As for the smile.. braces dear! I wore braces for 3 years and sometimes it was way too painful! :/ but definitely worth it! ;)