Favorite Websites : Online stores!

Ok, you know I love the internet and browsing through different websites!! :) So, I thought of letting you know about my favorite websites! Here are my favorite online stores:

  • Elf : great affordable cosmetics!! I have a lot of stuff from them! Fast shipping and excellent customer service!!
  • Cambree : online store that carries mostly NYX and Sigma products! Fast shipping and great customer service!
  • Love Makeup : online store that carries a huge variety of brands, like Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Sigma, MAC, NYX, Stila, Urban Decay etc ! Fast shipping and good customer service!
  • Zoeva : online store that carries brushes and palettes, their palettes are exactly like the ones from Coastal Scents! The processing of my order took a while, but after it was processed the shipping was fast! I got 2 things that I don't like about this website: the shipping to Greece is expensive (16EUR), because orders are shipped with DHL and I'm almost sure that the customer service doesn't exist! I didn't have any problems with my order, but I've sent them 2 messages and I got no reply! :( I will continue to buy from them though because I love their products!
  • Ebay UK : do I really need to introduce you to this website? you can find anything you want and at great prices! I've ordered several times from different sellers and I'm pretty pleased so far! :) Just make sure to buy from reputable sellers with high positive feedback! :)

What are your favorite websites? Please let me know, I'd love to learn about new websites! ;)

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  1. Bad Stavroula!! Now I *have* to check out some of these sites!

  2. @Zeb hehehe!!! :) yeah I know I'm bad!! :) what are your favorite online stores Zeb??? ;)

  3. I agree with Zeby! :-)) Great post especially because i could never find NYX makeup and i really want to try it out. :-) Thanks a lot for this! :-))

  4. @makeupfan awww I'm so glad that you found this post useful ! ;) what are your favorite online stores? :)

  5. To be honest i ordered online only from ELF. I bought all other makeup in actual stores, but the sites you mentioned are really cool because they seem to sell all things i can't find in the stores and they seem to have some items on discount! :-))

  6. @makeupfan nice! ;) I was excited to discover these websites!! :)