Yesterday's little haul !

Hey girls! Yesterday I managed to get only 4 hours of sleep and I got up at 10am, because I had some errands to do! So, after the errands I *had* to treat myself with a visit to Hondos Center (big store that sells both drugstore and high-end products, as well as beauty accessories) ! Here's what I got, nothing fancy really, just some essentials (click on the picture for larger view) :

From the left to the right:
- 3x Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup Remover for waterproof makeup
- Syoss Professional Performance Shine Boost Shampoo (Schwarzkopf & Henkel product)
- Act Dental Fluid Junior Bubble Gum flavor No alcohol
- Hawaiian Tropic Spray Oil SPF20 Water Resistant
- L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream +cleanPad for dry and sensitive skin
-Compeed Stick Against Blisters
- Carroten Color Lock Suncare Hair Spray Water Resistant Oil-free
- Some headbands in the middle :)

  • The Garnier Clean Sensitive has become my new HG eye makeup remover and since it was 1,5Euro off I had to get backups and I actually got 3 of them lol ! I'll do a review on it very soon, I promise! :) 

  • Syoss is a new haircare line with shampoos and conditioners that was created by Schwarzkopf and Henkel in cooperation with professional hairstylists and I wanted to try it out! I got the Shine Boost shampoo and if I like it I'll get the conditioner too! It's a HUGE bottle (750ml) and it was only 4,50Euros! ;) I will use it today! ;)
  • Act is a mouthwash that doesn't contain alcohol and I wanted an alcohol-free mouthwash, because the one I was using (Listerine) dries out my mouth because of the alcohol it contains and I feel like I have to brush my teeth again, yikes!! This particular one smells and tastes like bubble gum, since it's for children, and it's soooo yummy! They also have one with cinnamon that's for adults, but I assumed that this one would burn a little bit, so I opted for the bubble gum one! lol
  • Hawaiian Tropic is I guess my favorite brand for body sunscreen, because it smells like coconut!! Oh God I love this smell, it reminds me of summer holidays! ;) This is a spray oil, which is rather strange for me, because I hate oily stuff, but I also hate dry skin, so this body sunscreen is ideal for me! ;)
  • Yeah this weird, round, white thing that comes with L'Oreal Perfect Clean face wash is the infamous scrublet!! lol ! I've been wanting to try this for months!!!! I will propably use it today! Btw it was 1,00Euro off too! ;)
  • I recently saw some girls on youtube talking about sticks against blisters and I wanted to try one, because I got some pairs of strappy sandals that make my feet hurt so much ( strappy sandals= blisters hell ) and my feet are quite sensitive ! If this works I'm telling you I'll be buying it FOR EVER!!! I'll let you know how it goes! ;)
  • I haven't used a hair sunscreen before, but I thought I'd give this a try, since I asked my best friend and she said she likes it and it's not greasy! Cute bottle too! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's made of glass, because me + glass= not a good combination! lol
  • Hair accessories are always useful !! Especially now in the summer! ;)

This post isn't meant for me to brag, I hate that anyway! I just wanted to show you what I got, share with you my thoughts on these items and inform my Greek followers about sales and coupons in case they're interested in these specific products! ;) Plus you can always request reviews that way! ;) Take care my lovelies! :)

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  1. I love haul posts too, because I can easily request reviews! :) Btw I'm IN LOVE with the scrublet from L'Oreal face wash, I used it with my regular face wash and it left my skin so smooth!! ;)

  2. I have the orange exfoliating version of the L'Oreal face wash. Its great! Really feels like you are getting all the dead skin off!

    Anna x

  3. @Anna :O we don't have that version here :( /me jealous!!!