Thank you!

Hihihi the lovely Katrine from The Diva's Beauty Box has given me the Sweet Blog award!! :) My first award ever, how fun!!! :D

In order to be able to accept this award, I must follow these rules:

- give this award to 10 sweets bloggers

- make a post about this award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you

- put the award on your blog

- let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment

So, my 10 bloggers are: 

Beauty Broadcast - my beloved Emily from youtube, such a simple and down to earth girl, great reviews! I looooove her videos!
Bella Makeup - sardun1 from youtube, lovely girl !
Confessions of a Make Up Addict - sirvinya from youtube, I always trust her reviews!
Eye to the Keyhole - the lovely Zeby from elf's fan page on facebook! I love the way she writes! :) Plus she loves elf too! lol
From Head To Toe - frmheadtotoe from youtube, such a sweet girl ! I like her videos!
Kandee Johnson - amazing person!!! so creative! and such a strong character!! I'm also watching her videos on youtube!
Beauty by Lisasz09 - I always trust her reviews! She makes videos on youtube too! ;)
Hollyannaeree - I like her reviews and her youtube videos! :)
Amarixe - such a sweet girl ! :) She inspires me! :)
MakeUp (on) my mind - my sweet grinch (lol) from elf's fan page on facebook! :)

I have to cheat (as always) and add some more awards lol:
The Diva's Beauty Box - the sweet girl who gave me this award on her blog! :)
Makeup for everyone - my sweet Jelena, known as little avatar girl ! lol ! She's so helpful ! :)
Melovemakeup - lovely Sophie from youtube, I love her reviews! :)

So, which 10 blogs get your Sweet Blog award?? :)