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I've been soooooo into lipsticks lately, so I thought it would be great to do this tag post! I only owned maximum 4-5 lipsticks 'til about 2 months ago, when I went lipstick-crazy for no reason! lol ! And now I own about 20 lipsticks and I prefer them over my lipglosses! That's weird!! So, on to the tag now (starting from the most loved) :

  • Sephora Nr. 41, it doesn't have a name on it! It's a my-lips-but-better color with a discreet shiny finish that I love! It's moisturizing and it doesn't leave my lips dry and cracked! In fact you don't need any lipbalm underneath it! It's a pretty old, but well loved lipstick as you can see:

  • Seventeen Lipstick Special in 222 Caress! It's a peachy nude color that I LOVE pairing with dark, smokey eyes, especially in the shades of brown!!! It's gorgeous and I love it!!! It's not so moisturizing though, so if your lips are dry you better use a lipbalm with it! It's quite matte!

  • Oriflame Vivid Lipstick in Baby Beige! It's a nude color with slightly pink undertones! It's quite moisturizing! It's not available in Greece anymore, but if you can find it definitely get it! It's not shiny, but it's not matte either!

  • NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia! It's a nice, light pinky shade and I love pairing it with NYX Lipliner in Natural! It's so moisturizing and it feels nice on the lips, it leaves a discreet shine! Plus it's dirty cheap, I got mine for 1,99Euros!! ;)

  • NYX Round Lipstick in B52! This is darker than Thalia, but still very pretty and not dramatic, you can definitely wear it everyday if your lips are a bit pigmented and you want a discreet color with some shine! :)

What are your 5 favorite lipsticks? ;)

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