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Another cool tag! ;) Feel free to do it too! ;)

Three names I go by:

  • Stavroula
  • Stevi
  • Stav
Three jobs I have had:

  • Salesperson
  • Secretary/shifts' scheduling manager
  • That's it lol
Three places I have lived:

  • Menidi
  • Vrilissia
  • That's it!
Three favorite drinks:

  • Coca-Cola Light or Zero
  • Fresh Orange Juice
  • Chocolate milk
Three TV shows I watch:

  • Edem's Secrets
  • Another Woman's Life
  • 10th order (all 3 are Greek shows)
Three places I have been: 

  • Crete, Greece
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Naxos, Greece
Three places I would like to visit:

  • New York
  • Dubai
  • Australia
Three people who text me regularly:

  • My Boyfriend
  • My future sister-in-law (lol)
  • My best friend Thalia
Three favorite old TV shows:

  • 2 strangers
  • Love
  • Can't remember lol
Three favorite dishes:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce
  • Βurger with basmati rice and salad with lettuce, some feta cheese, olive oil, a little bit of salt and balsamic vinegar
Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:

  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Mascara
Three things I'm looking forward to:

  • Elf's delivery at the end of this month!!! Daily Brush Cleaner here I come!!!
  • Going away with my boyfriend in August! :)
  • Finding a good job!!

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