Random Tip of the Day 25.06.2010

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So, I came up with the idea of regularly posting random tips about makeup and beauty, just because I LOVE tips!! ;) And I love the fact that I can pass on the tips I've learned over the past years to you girls! :) If you already knew the tip I'm sharing or if you used the tip you learned from me, do let me know! ;)

Have you noticed that you're getting more pimples when you're sunbathing? If you want to keep your face as pimple-free as possible, choose a sunblock with an oil-free formula (so that it won't clog your pores), avoid the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm and don't do so much sunbathing, because it's bad for your skin anyway, or at least wear sunglasses and a hat! ;)

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