Random Tip of the Day 24.06.2010

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So, I came up with the idea of regularly posting random tips about makeup and beauty, just because I LOVE tips!! ;) And I love the fact that I can pass on the tips I've learned over the past years to you girls! :) If you already knew the tip I'm sharing or if you used the tip you learned from me, do let me know! ;)

Got sunburned and you feel like you're on fire? Put your favorite body lotion (or some soothing aloe vera) in the freezer until it gets quite chilly and then apply it on your skin, it will feel sooooo cooling and it will take some of the burning feeling away! Since your skin is suffering from all that sun exposure you better choose a body lotion with a mild formula, don't choose heavily scented body lotions! Of course DO NOT get out in the sun 'til your skin heals completely!

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