Review : Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer

I found out about this foundation primer from one of my beloved youtubers, Emily ! You should check her out, she's great! I've tried quite many of the products she suggests in her videos and so far I like all of them! :) Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer is one of them!

We'll start with the packaging of course! This primer comes in a simple plastic, 30 ml squeezy tube, which is really convinient, because you can get out as much product as you want, even when you've almost finished the product! Here's what it looks like:

The actual product is not your typical foundation primer (clear, silicone based gel), it's actually a peachy lotion that when you apply it on your skin it turns almost transparent! Here's what it looks unblended:

And here's what it looks blended, the camera doesn't pick it up, but it made the veins on my hand a little bit less obvious! :)

Primers are supposed to make your skin silky smooth and fill in any fine lines, this one doesn't do that! It smooths out the skin a little bit, but it's basically a base for your foundation to stay on longer! I usually apply it under my mineral foundations, since it has a peachy undertone it helps even out my skintone a little bit, because usually mineral foundations don't provide a lot of coverage! I tried it with my Revlon Colorstay Foundation a couple of days ago and while the results were nice, I didn't like it better than Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer ! I'm glad to have it in my collection though, I don't regret buying it! :)

This primer is a great option if you've never tried a face primer before, since it's quite cheap! I don't know its exact retail price, since it's not available here in Greece (I got it off Ebay) ! Give it a shot! ;)

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  1. Great review! :-) I didn't even know that Rimmel produces primers! Now i learned something new! :-))

  2. @makeupfan awww thank you! :) I didn't know that Rimmel has a primer either, I learned that from emilynoel83 on youtube! lol ! I like my Elf Face Primer better though! :)

  3. Good review I was looking at this one as an alternative to the ELF one but on second thought think I will stick to ELF! :p

  4. @Enigma hehe I like the elf one more too! ;)