Review : Stila illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF15

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I've been wanting to try this for ages, but its retail price ($32) is too high for me, plus I had never tried a Stila face product before, so I didn't want to take the risk of trying a $32 product! Back in the Christmas of 2009 I found a 5-piece Stila set here that costed 17.5Euros (around $22-23 at that time) and I could finally try the illuminating tinted moisturizer without taking the risk of propably wasting $32! And I'm glad I got this as part of a set and not individually, I'll tell you why later on!

First of all let's talk about the packaging! It comes in a slim, plastic 50ml tube that looks like this:

I like the packaging, it's simple and hygienic (you don't have to dip your fingers anywhere) and you also don't waste any product, as you can squeeze out of the tube as much product as you want! :)

The actual product is kind of disappointing though! You don't expect much coverage from a tinted moisturizer, but this doesn't give any coverage at all ! :( It's just a moisturizer with a tiny bit of color! I had to use mineral foundation over it to even out my skin tone! 

It gives a nice glow to your skin though (I had to powder my face after applying it, because I'm oily), so if you have normal/dry skin and you don't actually need coverage, just a moisturizer with SPF and a tiny bit of color that will give you that glowy look, then go for it! It blends easily whether you apply it with your fingers or with a flat top brush, I've used both ways of application and I was happy with the results!

So, I guess I'll use this instead of my regular moisturizer during the summer when I'm a bit tanned and I won't need much coverage! It will be perfect for the summer!! :) But for the rest of the year this product is useless to me!

As I said at the beginning of this review this product retails for $32 at Sephora! That's a lot of money, especially for a tinted moisturizer, so I suggest  buying it online (for example strawberrynet, ebay etc) ! It's available in 2 shades (Shade 01 and Shade 02) , I got the first one! :)

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