Review : Nyx Eyeshadow in Black

I finally got my hands on a NYX eyeshadow!! Everybody on youtube and on beauty forums was raving about them, saying they're as good as MAC eyeshadows!! Well, I don't own any MAC eyeshadows to do the comparison, but I really like this NYX eyeshadow! :) It comes in a little plastic, square packaging that looks like this:

As you can see the lid of the packaging is clear, so that's very nice if you own a lot of NYX eyeshadows, because you can easily spot the color of eyeshadow you're looking for! ;)

I wanted a really intense, matte black eyeshadow mostly to set my pencil eyeliner, because that way my eyeliner lasts much longer! I have an old black Maybelline eyeshadow, but it's not an intense black, it's more of a grey/black! So, since I managed to find NYX eyeshadows I decided to get their black one! Let me tell you I'm really impressed!! :) Here's a swatch on bare skin, no moisturizer or primer underneath the eyeshadow:

Pretty good, huh? ;) It's soft and easy to blend and it lasts as much as my other eyeshadows! I always use a primer on my eyes though, so I have no idea how they perform without a primer! :) Here's a pic of the cotton bud I used to pick up the eyeshadow and swatch it on my hand, wow look how intense black the eyeshadow is:

I'm really satisfied with NYX eyeshadow in black, it's exactly what I wanted!! Plus it's very affordable, I got mine here for 3,95Euros, but you can also find NYX eyeshadows on Ebay, on (NYX), on (NYX) and on (NYX) ! If you end up buying or if you already own a NYX eyeshadow let me know what you think!! ;)


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