Review: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (5 shades)

I got 5 of these babies and I had forgotten about them all this time! I recently watched a video by amarixe on youtube, in which she reviewed one of them, so I re-discovered my love for them!

They come in a little glass jar with plastic cap that represents the color of the blush that's inside! :) Each blush has its shade name on the plastic cap as opposed to most products that have their shade name on the bottom part of the packaging! So, it's easier to spot the shade you're looking for! ;) I've heard that cream/gel products last longer when they're in a glass packaging, so that's another plus! I've had these for at least 4 years and they're like brand new! Just make sure to screw on the cap really tightly and don't leave the cap off the glass jar for long, otherwise it will dry out much quicker!

Let's move on to the shades I got! Here are some pics (click on the pics for a larger view) :

And here are some swatches (the order of the swatches corresponds to the order of the blushes above), I've packed on the colors, so that you can see them! They're UNblended too! 

I'm not very good at describing colors, but I'll try! The colors on the picture are true to life, the picture was taken in natural daylight! ;)

  • Cloud Wine: This is a deep plummy color with bronzey undertones! It would work great on deeper skintones as well !
  • Whipped Strawberries: I would describe this as a nice mauvey pink color!
  • Pink Frosting: This is a shimmery, quite light pink!
  • Peach Satin: Peachy pink color, gorgeous!!! One of my 2 faves!
  • Soft Plum: Gorgeous plummy color! I've used this a lot!
Keep in mind that these blushes are shimmery, not glittery or anything over the top, but they're definitely not matte! So, if you're looking for matte blushes or if you don't like shimmery blushes, then these won't work for you!

Their consistency is lightweight, really mousse-y and they blend like a dream on the skin ! The more you blend them, the more natural they look, so even if you apply a little bit too much there's no need to worry, you can blend it in! :)

On my oily skin they last pretty well actually! I've also used them as bases to powder blushes! That way my powder blush lasts ALL day, seriously! ;) So, now that summer is around the corner I'll start using them more frequently, because they're great! If you're quite pale and you don't own any of these blushes, you should try Peach Satin, it's a great color! If you're a bit darker, then try Soft Plum, because Peach Satin will propably not show up on you! And if you're quite dark, then go for Cloud Wine! ;)

You can find these blushes at most drugstores and if you can't find them or if they're quite pricey in your country, then there's always ebay! ;) I got mine from the USA a few years ago, so I can't inform you about their retail price! They're relatively cheap though! Go ahead and try them! ;)


  1. Uh sounds good! I really wanna try Peach Satin, looks fab :D

  2. Yeah Peach Satin is great, it's so versatile, because it's a peachy pink color! :)

  3. I love this blush!:-) I have Peach Satin and it's really fabulous! :-)

  4. I recently got the SS188 from Sigma (it's a mini duo-fibre brush) to apply these blushes with, I can't wait to try it!! This brush fits into the opening of the jar perfectly!! :D

  5. I've never tried these, but I'm adding them to my wishlist! :D
    thanks for reviewing and swatching! ^_^


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  7. @Mehak awwwww thank you! :) and thanks for the follow too! :)