Review: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick Nr. 24 Purple

One of my lovely followers, Natalie, requested a review on Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Nr. 24 Purple! :) It's the only Korres lipstick I own and I like it a lot!! The first thing I love about it is the packaging, it comes in a sleek, sturdy packaging made out of white plastic with black writing on it! It doesn't feel or look cheap at all ! Here's what the packaging looks like:

The actual product is a smooth, quite shiny lipstick (no glitter or shimmer in it though) with great pigmentation! I love the fact that it's really moisturizing and it doesn't leave my lips all cracked and flaky! :) That's a huge plus for me, since I'm not a lip balm fan really! It contains mango butter (as its name indicates), it's dermatologically tested and it's mineral oil and silicone free! ;) The shade I got is Nr. 24 Purple, this isn't a purple lipstick actually, it's more of a toned down fuchsia, so I'm wondering why Korres calls it purple! Anyway, here's what it looks like:

You can apply a full layer and achieve that quite bold color or you can apply it a bit sparingly and achieve a more toned down color! :) It lasts pretty long on my lips, but hey it's not one of those long wearing lipsticks, so you will have to re-apply it throughout the day!

It has a subtle sweet scent, it kind reminds me of watermelon! As I said it's not an overpowering scent and once the lipstick is on your lips you can't detect any scent! I actually enjoy the scent of this lipstick, it smells yummy! :)

I got this lipstick as a freebie with a magazine (either InStyle or Glamour) last winter, so I don't know how much it retails for, but I think it's around 12Euros! In Greece you can find Korres products in pharmacies and also in Attica in Syntagma Square! :)

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  1. This shade looks gorgeous:)
    I LOVE korres , love love love their products and you have to try their blushes ,I got three of them ,they are Soooo pretty

  2. @Sarah yes this lipstick is gorgeous!! I love everything about it! Oops I forgot to cover the scent part, I have to update my review now! lol ! I got soooooo many blushes right now, but I will keep Korres blushes in mind for any future purchases! ;)

  3. Thanks honey!! The quality seems very good, the color looks nice and I like the packaging too! I'll def try them! (this coral color I saw in the website is calling my name! lol!)

  4. @Natalie I'm glad I could help! :) You should definitely try them out! :)