Review: Elf Studio Line Bronzers

It's been quite some time since I last did a review and I already have some requests, so I gotta get going! :) Summer is coming and bronzers are a must have if we want to get that gorgeous sunkissed glow without "frying" our skin under the sun for hours! Elf Studio Line Bronzers are a very good and pocket friendly option!

We'll start with the packaging of course! The packaging is made out of quite matte, good quality plastic and it doesn't get dirty, which is very important to me! It's nice and sturdy and it's often compared to NARS packaging! I don't own any NARS products, but judging from pics I've seen yeah they look the same, except for the fact that NARS packaging gets dirty very easily!! ;) So, here's what the packaging looks like (click on the picture for larger view):

You get a generous amount of product (13g) and a big mirror! How cool is that? Now let's see what each bronzer looks like (there are 3 different bronzers) and I'll do some swatches too:

Warm Bronzer
This is my favorite out of the 3, it's a great everyday bronzer that gives a nice glow to your skin, I wouldn't call it shimmery (I wouldn't use it all over my face if it was shimmery anyway), but it's not matte either! It's just a bit glowy! :)

Cool Bronzer
This is a quite dark, matte bronzer, so it's great for contouring if you're not so pale! The white part is great for highlighting too (for example on the browbone) !

Golden Bronzer
This is more of a highlighter than a bronzer, especially if you're not pale! If you're really pale then it's a great bronzer for you! It's definitely shimmery (not glittery though or anything over the top)

Here are swatches of each bronzer with all 4 colors blended together:

Starting from the top: Warm Bronzer, Cool Bronzer, Golden Bronzer

I don't know why, but the Warm Bronzer seems to be as shimmery as the Golden Bronzer in the pic, but in real life it's not! You can definitely see that the Warm Bronzer has a more golden-orange undertone (it doesn't look orange when you apply it though, it just warms up your skintone) , while the Golden Bronzer has a more golden-pink undertone! You can use all the colors together by swirling your brush around or you can use each color individually to hightlight and contour! ;)

The product is a nice and finely milled powder, but I find that the Cool Bronzer is a bit powdery, not anything tragic though! It applies evenly on your skin and it lasts pretty long on my oily skin! :) On days when I have no time to put makeup on or when I simply don't want to bother, I simply apply concealer (usually ArtDeco Camouflage Cream) on any pimples and redness, Elf Mineral Booster to set the concealer and to keep my face matte and some Warm Bronzer to give my face some color and I'm out of the door! ;)

These cool bronzers retail for £3.50, which is an amazing price, and you can find them online here !

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  1. Great review! =) I was going to try the warm bronzer! From the swatches it look really nice! I'll give it a try ;-D

  2. @Aru hehehe thanks!! :) yes, the Warm Bronzer is my favorite out of the 3! :) you're going to love it! ;)

  3. Oooh, I have been wanting to try these! Being Scottish, I am very pale,so think I might try the golden and warm. Or do you think the warm would be too dark? I am so scared of looking too orange!

  4. @Anna I don't think the Warm one will be dark or orange on you, it's not dark or orange! :) and it's not heavily pigmented! ;)

  5. I really like the look of the golden one, but everyone says it's not for other than tha pale ones... Hmmm... Don't concider myself pale...?!

  6. Great review! :-) I love ELF bronzers and the cool one is the only one i don't have, so i thought to order it eventually but now i see it's a lot darker than i thought, i think it may be too dark for my skin since i'm quite fair.. I'll stick to my favorite golden bronzer. :-)

  7. Thanks for the review! I'll buy the warm one next time. I wondered if it would be too dark for me but since it's ok for you it'll be ok for me too! :-) kisses!

  8. @makeupfan you could use the cool one for contouring (as it's completely matte) or if you tan enough in the summer! :)

    @Natalie the warm one is perfect! ;)