Review : The Brush Guard (various sizes)

I love, love, love my brush guards! I got them around 3 months ago and I've been using them constantly all this time! What are these? They're little plastic stretchable and breathable tubes that can be used to protect your brushes! They come in 4 different sizes to cover all types of brushes! Here's what they look like:

Starting from the left: 

Ex. Small—Shadow/Liner

So, in what ways can you use these little tubes?Here's what the creators of The Brush Guard say:

Dry Bristle Down:
Before The Brush Guard, brushes were laid down to dry, allowing moisture to wick into the ferrule. This spoils the glue and makes the handle swell.
For the first time, brushes can dry bristles down so gravity pulls moisture away from the ferrule. The Brush Guard lets air circulate so bristles dry quickly and stay in perfect shape.

  • Keeps Handles Clean:
    By keeping The Brush Guard over your brushes’ handles while you’re using them, handles  stay clean and new while letting you keep a good grip.

Storage and Travel:
Even in a roll, bristles are vulnerable to being rubbed and crushed.  With The Brush Guard, slip your brushes into a roll or kit and know your important tools are protected.

  • Brushes Feel Like New!
    After using The Brush Guard, you will see that your brushes keep feeling new and last longer.  Protect your investment with The Brush Guard!

I use the brush guards to keep the shape of my brushes while they're drying and to prevent them from fluffing out (especially natural haired brushes do that)! I also like the fact that I can dry my brushes upside down with these, so there's no chance of water getting into the ferrule of the brush and making the glue loose! :)

They come in 5 different packs, Variety pack—assortment of each size, Ex. Small—Shadow/Liner, Small—Blush, Medium—Foundation, Large—Powder/Kabuki ! Each pack retails for $5.50 and additional shipping charges apply for orders from Canada ($2.00) and international ($3.00) up to five. You can buy The Brush Guard either from their website or from Coastal Scents ! You can find them on Ebay too, but I think the first 2 options are cheaper than Ebay! :) Check them out, they're a must have for me now!! :)

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  1. very useful!! I never heard about these before, thanks!! ^_^


  2. @Aru they're great!!! :) I love them!! :) My brushes are drying in them right now, I've placed them upside down inside a huge cup! :)

  3. I always put them on the border of my washbasin waiting for them to dry lol! these would be really useful =D

  4. I would lay them on a towel on a chair or something like that to dry! and sometimes I would pass by and knock them over :/ lol!