Review: Artdeco Empty Palette (Beauty Box Magnum)

Hey girls! The lovely Sarah from Glossicious requested a review on Artdeco Empty Palette, so I had to obey and just do it! lol ! I have 2 of these palettes, all filled with Artdeco single eyeshadows that are designed to fit in these palettes! The palette looks like this:

Nice, sturdy palette made out of plastic that closes really well ! It might be shiny, but it's not that easy to leave any fingerprints on it, like you would with the old Coastal Scents 88 palettes for example! That's really good, because I hate fingerprints on my makeup, they make everything look dirty and gross! Yikes!

When you open the palette there's a nice, big mirror inside, which you can definitely use to do/touchup your makeup if you're on the go! ;)

Keep in mind that this palette is not magnetic, which means that if you put any other eyeshadow inside it won't stay in place, you will need to attach a little piece of magnetic sheet to it! Artdeco single eyeshadows (blushes, camouflage creams etc) come already with a little magnet attached to them!

The 2 palettes I have hold 12 single eyeshadows each, I think there's a smaller version too, but I can't figure it out at Artdeco's website! You can also fit in there Artdeco Camouflage Cream (it's as big as 2 single eyeshadows) and Artdeco Blushes (I don't own any, but judging from the pictures on the website it's as big as 3 single eyeshadows) ! A great idea would be to fit in there 6-7 single eyeshadows, a camouflage cream and a blush and you would have a pretty complete palette for the weekend! ;)

Here's a close-up of the palettes:

I can't remember the retail price for these palettes, because it's been a long time since I bought them, but I think they're about 9-10 Euros! The palettes I have are from the regular line, but every season Artdeco comes out with palettes that have GORGEOUS designs on them!! They're a bit more expensive than the regular line palettes, but they're so pretty!! Here are some old designs to get an idea:

The last two are GORGEOUS:

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  1. Thanks for the post , these eyeshadows looks great , you know i saw the smaller version which can store 4 eyeshadows or i blush 2 eyeshadows, i love the fact that you can personalize it . i will make sure to buy it on next trip. i wont buy anything else for sure. and new designs are way coool. i wish they would make it to pakistan too

  2. Yeah the eyeshadows are great! :) if you want any swatches let me know! :)

    I love the fact that you can personalize the palettes too! :) and they're so small and compact that they fit anywhere! :)

  3. nice review!!! Oi skies tis artdeco poso exoyn i kathe mia ?

  4. @maria123 awww thanks!! :) nomizw exun gyrw sta 4eurw! :) an theleis tpt swatches ap'ta xromata pu exw pes mou! :) gine follower tu blog mu an theleis! :)